How to cope with gallbladder pain while pregnant?

Okay mamas I posted a while back about dealing with gallbladder issues while pregnant. Well I had emergency gallbladder removal surgery yesterday after a really bad gallbladder attack. I’m currently 25weeks pregnant and so far everything is good with me and baby. My thing is . HOW TO DEAL WITH THE PAIN!!! They’ve offered me Oxy for an as needed relief, but we all know that can be worse for the baby, but this is my 3rd pregnancy and I’ve never delt with pain like this. It’s mostly my right side and back, and the middle incision at my belly button that hurts the worse, and then when baby moves and wrestles all over it makes it sooo much worse… Trying to get up to go potty hurts like hell, I have to hold my stomach up and in place to be able to walk,but I’m going home tomorrow and I have 2 littles,3yrs and 1yr. Thankfully my husband had a 3day weekend,but how do you cope to deal with the pain while trying to settle at home!!!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to cope with gallbladder pain while pregnant?

Tylenol I believe is the recommended otc pain relief when pregnant but ask the Dr.
I find heat helps with pain and maybe a supportive band of some kind
According to research baby starts to feel our pain around 23 weeks so best to find something to help control it…surprised they offered you oxy knowing you’re pregnant

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For me the pain wasn’t that bad. I took oxy for a few days but that’s all I needed. I was very sore though. Felt like I did a million sit ups. But if they gave you it they know you are pregnant so they must think it’s ok enough to take. If you are really in lot of pain and high dose ibuprofen isn’t working then you should just take it.

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Not pregnant but deal with gallbladder attacks alot I can’t have mine removed because it’ll be worse on my body. I use solanpas patches Tylenol and warm water. If your not comfortable leaving then let the doctors know

Tylenol is usually safe during pregnancy. Ask your doctor. Also a heating pad may help. It’s gonna be rough with littles. Do you have a friend or neighbor or church friend who can pinch hit for a few days while your husband is working? If not, have your husband set you up with a cooler of food in your bedroom. Put in sandwiches for you, lunchables for the three year old and drinks. Have him bring in food and drinks for the 1 year old. Get a big supply of diapers and wipes, and diaper pail, and a lined wastebasket. Bring all of this stuff to your bedroom. Get a large clothes basket full of a variety of the kids’ toys. Have him make pallets on the floor and have pillows for them to nap on. Have your TV and DVD player set up with movies for you and for them. Then get a baby gate to keep them in the room with you. You’ll probably have to keep an eye on the 3 year old to keep that one from climbing out. I’m hoping your master bedroom has an attached bathroom. Keep the door closed unless you’re using it. So, now, you’ll have the kids pretty well corralled. You’ll be able to feed and change them fairly easily. I’d also bring a couple of changes of clothes in for them in case of accidents. In this case, use the little square babysitter for entertainment when interest in the toys wears thin. Napping on pallets will be a challenge for a day or two. But since you’re not supposed to lift them up on the bed, and the little one might roll off, the pallets are safer. The kids may even decide they like them, and if that’s the case, you might even get to doze off too. And your husband will be home before you know it. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!

Even though it hurt you need to walk a lot. Gas buildup after surgery hurts worse than surgery itself. Even can hurt in your shoulders. Don’t eat seasoned food. Or fatty food.

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I didn’t take any pain meds besides Tylenol but I’d think maybe a low dose of hydro/Tylenol would be okay!

People also ask
Can taking Tylenol during pregnancy cause
The UCLA researchers show that taking
acetaminophen during pregnancy is associated
with a higher risk in children of attention-
deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and
hyperkinetic disorder.

My pain was only bad for about 3 days and then it significantly improved.

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If drs order it and you only take when pain bad then you should take

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Oxy made me sick after my surgery so I just took Tylenol as needed. I also had a 2 year old at the time.

I had gallstones the whole time I was pregnant. Unfortunately I did not get my gallbladder removed until my little one was 4 months old. The only thing that seemed to help was the Tylenol that the doctor prescribed. I hope you get some rest because I was miserable the whole time. Definitely ask to have your gallbladder removed asap. Praying for your comfort.

Hug a pillow. Move as much as you can stand. It will help work out the soreness

I had my gallbladder removed (I wasn’t pregnant) and it was the most horrible time of my life the pain was so bad after and then I got a massive infection. They gave me ocxy but said just take over the counter pain relief.
Heat packs help with the pains

I had to have my gallbladder removed while I was pregnant 16 years ago, i was in so much pain we had no choice but to do surgery.

If it hurts that bad you need to stay longer