How to cope with postpartum depression?

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For mama’s with PPD does pretending to be happy and alright ever actually turn into you being better? I had anxiety before my babies who are 2 years and 8 months old. With my first the anxiety seemed so manageable but now after the second I have really bad postpartum depression/rage problems. My home health nurse and wic keep telling me that I need to think uplifting thoughts since I’m breastfeeding and can’t go back on the meds I took before baby y number one. I just feel like im not good enough for my babies or my husband and I feel like not getting better means I’m letting everyone down.


NO. They have breastfeeding safe antidepressants. Talk to your dr like yesterday. Ppd can turn to ppp.


My first child, I stopped breastfeeding partially because of depression. There was already health issues on top of it.

Stop breast feeding.go back on meds if they help.babies are good on formula


I’m not sure if there are medications that are safe while breast feeding, but if there aren’t, your mental health is more important than breast feeding because you need to be happy and healthy and able to take care of you’re precious babies. I would choose mental health over breast feeding

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Dont get on antidepressants, they disrupt your brains natural ability to produce endorphins which make you happy. You have a vitamin deficiency and your hormones are balancing out, Google list of hormone balancing foods

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Go organic and go to the health food store and get an organic food based prenatal multivitamin. The synthetic ones they prescribe don’t work because your body can’t process them. Get DHA too at the health food store. Take them religiously.

Go organic because the antioxidant, vitamin,mineral content values in produce are much higher, you will get more out of your food.

Turmeric is a natural antidepressant. You can eat fresh turmeric daily in the powder form or whole food form, in tea. 1-2 tablespoons a day while breastfeeding is safe.

If your drinking city water or using fluoride toothpaste switch to flouride free and get a water distiller or filter. Decalcify your pineal gland. It gets calcified when you use flouride and then doesn’t produce melatonin properly, turmeric and garlic will break up that calcification. You need your pineal gland to function properly so your brain and body can help regulate your relaxation response.

Pistachios and organic black cherries are high in melatonin. Eat these daily to help.

My family dr put me on zoloft and im breastfeeding
Just get help

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If you’re really feeling like this, then maybe you need to think about putting your baby on formula. You need to do what’s best for you and your family. I have mental health issues, I’m on medication and still struggle on a daily basis, I also just lost my fiance so it doesnt make matters any better. I had really bad post partum after I had my son. I wish you the best of luck with everything. Stay strong. Definitely make time for yourself. Get into therapy asap. Get a psychiatrist. I’m speaking from personal experience. :heart::pray:

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I was the same… I suspect I had PPD with my first but I ignored it… I couldn’t ignore with my second because I had crippling anxiety along with the depression that I hardly wanted to leave the house. My NP put me on Zoloft and that helped a lot!!! Good luck!

Stop breast feeding and go back on your meds honey

No for me it didnt it made it worse so they put me on medication that will not harm the fact I’m breastfeeding

There are safe medication options you CAN take while breastfeeding, speak to your doctor. Pretending makes it worse.

I’m so sorry you’ve been given poor advice from those you’ve been seeking support from! There are medications you can take while breastfeeding! You can look it up on Talk to a lactation consultant, too. Have you had any difficulties breastfeeding baby? That often leads to PPD and once feeding issues are fixed, mom feels much better. It happened with me twice! You aren’t failing if you do what you need to. You aren’t failing if you’re suffering. You aren’t failing because of an imbalance that’s our of your control. You are good enough. You are enough. You are worthy. :heart:

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I felt this way for 6 months after my daughter was born I really honestly believed everyone would b better without me. It may help to remind yourself that these feeling ARE postpartum and ur babies deserve u in they’re life thats what got me imagine ur children not having mommy to hold them and protect them growing up

Umm … What’s more important you feeding the baby breasts milk or your medicine? What happens when you finally snap and do something to yourself or one of the kids :roll_eyes:

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I had rage after my 1st was born and it turned out to be a precursors for migraines! It was (still is) awful. Though the rage is gone, the migraines stayed, going on 17 years. I know wic and other people try to pressure you to continue breastfeeding, do what is best for you and if that means putting the baby on formula so you can be your best self and on medication, then that’s what you have to do. I was discharged from having my last baby while in congestive heart failure. A few days later, my husband brought me to another hospital where they diagnosed me and gave me a choice: continue to breast feed and be in hospital for 7-10 days or they could treat the heart failure aggressively and I’d be out of the hospital in 2 days but I couldn’t breast feed. I chose aggressive medical support and was home in 2 days and my formula fed baby is healthy and fine and I do not feel guilty at all about it.

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Quit breast feeding, go to formula and get meds. Do Not take the chance you might slap your baby harder than you want if in a rage. Shake to hard and allot of other things can happen. You will held accountable for that and feel guilty your whole life.

Girlllll… I’ve had PPD with all 3 of my kids. By kid 2 I went on medicine the day I gave birth. For pregnancy 3 I never even stopped my medicine. The benefits outweighed the risks. There is zero shame in needing help, be it medication or just someone to talk to. I have terrible anxiety that can manifest in small bursts of rage - that’s pretty common so don’t feel weird. I also have really down days and days where the guilt is overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my children. 100% love them to the end of the earth. Which is why I got help. It took 3 years from my first child to get help because I didn’t understand all that PPD encompassed. It’s okay to get help. It DOES get better. You will be yourself again. I promise this is a rough patch. You are a strong mama, you got this!