How to cope with postpartum depression?

I have been diagnosed with PPD while i am 6 weeks pregnant.
I’ve lost two babies in the past year , and have also lost both parents. I don’t really have any mom friends and I don’t know what to do to coupe with being diagnosed this early. I am horrified to see how this is going to turn out… any advice is appreciated.


Postpartum depression? I thought that was something post birth? If it’s depression maybe they can start you on medication to help you through this period?

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First thing is try and relax. Take a deep breath. You really need to talk to someone. If a friend, someone on here or a professional. I am always available! Don’t bottle this anxiety up inside! Try and keep your chin up!

Im so sorry for your losses!! That’s got to be so hard to deal with all at once😪 ill be more then happy to be your friend! Just send me a message I’m a good listener

I know a few moms who were depressed while pregnant and they took medication you said you’ve lost two angels so that’s completely understandable you dont need to explain yourself if you need more info or whatever send me a message


Breathe mama. Im here for you if you need to talk.

So sorry for your loss!! If you need someone to talk to or vent please don’t hesitate to message me!

if you have depression during pregnancy it’s called antenatal or prenatal depression, PPD or post partum depression only happens after the baby is born

Look for natural solutions. Aromatherapy helps a lot with emotions…

Mom’s with tattoos is a amazing mom group!!! Very supportive and they come from everywhere!!!

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TALK to your doc. My daughter had same problem. Put on a low dose med…worked miracles.

Sorry for all of your losses. I would see a dr, get a diagnosis and a good treatment plan. There can be many support groups where you can reach out and share your experience and learn to cope with you losses with others who are going through the same. You may also meet some new moms and make friends too.
Hugs and love :heart::heart::heart:

Talk with your doctor

Find a good therapist or psychologist. Your Dr should know a good one.