How to cope with stress?

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Seeking advice on coping with mom stress

To all the moms out there that tend to feel a little overwhelmed and stressed. I need some tips and advice on how to feel human every once in awhile if that makes sense without actually getting out of the house without kids. I work full time and I have 4 kids and I dont get a break other than when I go to work. I feel stressed and overwhelmed. Need to figure something out to help me unwind a little bit. Any ideas or suggestions would be great.


Try to make time for yourself. Even if it’s just going to the grocery store without kids or having the kids go to bed 30 minutes early so you can have some relax time. Every parent deserves some time for themselves.


I hide in the bathroom…

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Dedicate 1 hour alone for yourself in the evening, maybe after bedtime or get your partner to do bedtime. Allow yourself to have a bath with music and maybe a glass of something you throughly enjoy.

It is hard to find “me” time. Sometimes it was just a quick drive to the grocery store for a "forgotten " item.


Join the ymca. Daycare is included, and you can get a couple hours a day for just you

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I get up an hour early and watch Facebook videos 90 day fiancé or Gordon Ramsey and drink my coffee before the chaos.


I wait til my kiddos go to sleep…then watch shows with bad words, drink beers, and take hot baths. 🤷

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After the kids go to bed


You hv to make time is what I learned even it’s go to movie by urself 10 mins in ur car before you go in the house its lil but it will add up

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In my house we have “mom o’clock “ it’s 9:30 here but pick your own time… after said time you cannot ask mom for anything unless it’s an emergency ( and I mean blood or fire level) because without time to “ recharge my mom brain “ I won’t be able to help you in the future… works for us and they’ve come to respect it with time and enforcement. Also the living room belongs to me after mom o’clock. No negotiation.


Baths. Routine . Take up cards or a game. Get them to help. Hobby’s . Start up a show . Somthing u will get hours out of three out the weak that makes you happy

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Mine is a bath with a good book. My husband knows to occupy the kids for 2 hours if i take a bath. No interruptions!

Edit- we also stick to strick bedtimes. It’s bedtime and I’m done momming today goodnight.


Following for ideas, the only mom time I get is to take a shower. (And I dont drink)

Does your kids school have before school childcare? I often get up super early, drop the kids at school between 7-7:30am and then go to a coffee shop for a cup and read a book until it’s time to go to work.

I give myself one hour when I get home from work. No dinner no baths no talking to me for one hour. After awhile everyone was on board with this.

I take a long bath and listen to meditation music. I also make sure I have an hour at night alone and watch a documentary to relax. I stay up late just for that extra time to be alone.

I take mommy time at bed time. I shower, scrapbook, and watch a movie or show

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U have to find the time. Even 10 mins.

I take long baths after the kids are down and just soak and play on my phone or watch Netflix. Lol

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I haven’t done it in a while but yoga.
I miss feeling like I had an hour to myself to do something I liked. My youngest no longer naps and trying to do anything but watch her every move is not an option right now. I thought the third was supposed to be the easiest but she is harder then my other two and my four nieces combined!

Shout yourself a long massage or facial or both…then do the mum o’clock thing…good luck

Once the kids are in bed I take a bath, eat junk food, and lay in bed watching trashy reality TV

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Have a drink. Eat a bowl of ice cream after the kids go to bed. Tell kids (idk how old they are) that mama needs a few and take a nice shower.
Do what my sister used to do. Sneak out of the room while kids are playing or watching tv and sit in the bathroom or other room where being disturbed is less likely

.A glass of wine s hot bath and just relax after you put kids to bed.

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I agree a strick.bed time that or even tuck in time where they can read a book in bed but no coming out after set time and lights out at set time. Then do what ever you want…read a book get into a show.

I have 6 kids, work full time and struggle with anxiety, my doctor put me on fish oil and turmeric capsules. I have been taking them for almost 3 months and honestly it has been life changing! I highly recommend talking to your doctor about it. Nothing else in life has changed, just my mental health, drastically


I second smoking some weed. Best way to unwind after a long day.

See if you can make some friends you can trust (or ask trusted family) to take the kids on a regular basis: weekly, monthly, every quarter. If you have a partner, plan times where you can get away: hubs let me sleep in Saturdays, I’d take the kids to church so he had Sunday mornings.

Learn some deep breathing techniques (check out different yoga practices for the breathing ones), and take up that, meditation and/or tai chi to relax. You can do any of these for 5 minutes to 5 hours.

Let the kids talk (or “talk” depending on age) to friends or family on the speaker phone so you can catch a minute. One day soon they won’t want you around so much & you will miss these days.

Do anything to relieve stress…take a bath or walk or lunch or movie all by urself

Spend as much time with your kids - it goes fast - even if you are tired - give them your time - it is free - your time is what they will remember - embrace it - :pray:

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Yes get a babysitter have a girls day out, its ok, but just make sure u spend fun time with u kids too. Im a grandmother i have i have ten grand babies thier all special.

Get the kids to sleep & take a long hot bubble bath with candles, nice music, maybe a little glass of wine. Shit Mommy needs mommy time too.

Gotta set up a time for yourself. Itll be good for u and the kids