How to cope with stress?

to say that this week as been a rollercoaster is a long shot! i had been feeling anxious all week. today i went to the emergency room bc i was having a panic attack. the doctor did not feel comfortable putting me on ant serious medicines bc i have a little one at home… are there any moms on here that work full time with stressful jobs? how do you ladies cope?

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Glass of wine after the kids go to bed. :+1:

I do not work full time but omg all you moms that work and have babies are freakin super hero’s.
You ladies are champions

I handle my shit because I have to. I have 9 kids and a full-time job. How do I cope? Simple. I created them. I live for them. I work my ass off to better myself to provide for them. Period.

Propranolol is a blood pressure medication that helps with the physical symptoms of anxiety which usually lessens psychological symptoms because the physical response to your anxiety isn’t there. It works great for me and it doesn’t make you sleepy and is not habit forming so sometimes doctors would like that better than prescribing what common anxiety medication.