How to cut down my sweet tooth?

So I’ve cut down on drinking soda majorly I only drink one can a day now and it’s just sprite so not the worst soda in the world now I need tips on how to cut down on sweets cause I have a major sweet tooth and it’s hard so basically I need ideas for healthy snacks

I love a bowl of sultana bran when I’m having a sweet craving

The fewer sweets you eat, the less you crave them. I avoid whole aisles at the grocery store & just don’t buy many sweets or processed carby foods. Whole grains are OK in moderation: brown rice 100% whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta, barley, quinoa, oats/oatmeal, etc.

Eat fresh fruit or have a cup of herbal tea with a fruity taste instead of going for baked goods. Decaf Constant Comment is also good, but Celestial Seasonings has the most variety and I like their ecological focus.

Get plain yogurt and add nuts and fruit. Dates, other dried fruit and bananas are the sweetest. You can even add some dark chocolate chips and pretend it’s a sundae. Flavored yoghurt has a ton of sugar, so be sure to get plain.

Go for a walk. Do something to distract yourself until you forget about your craving. If it persists after an hour, I like to have a few (2-8) good dark chocolate chips or part of a good dark chocolate bar. Ghirardelli’s or European is best without the paraffin, corn syrup and other junk we allow in the U.S. brands.

Don’t go for diet drinks; they trigger cravings too. Switch to sparkling flavored water like La Croix. If that doesn’t work, dilute your lemon-lime soda with some lime sparkling water and gradually increase the proportion of sparkling water until you’ve weaned yourself off soda. If you must have some, get the tiny cans. You can fill a glass with ice so it looks like you’re having more. Hits the spot & not too much damage. Carry a bottle of water, flavored water (like Hint, or make your own infusions with fruit, fresh mint or cucumber), sparkling water or unsweetened iced tea so that’s handy to drink. If you go to fast food places, get the unsweet tea, hot or iced. Wendy’s has the most salads, though you can’t eat them easily in the car.

Not sure if stevia is addictive but it’s a better sweetener than aspartame or the other artificials.

I’m lucky in that I’m a terrible baker so I have no talent for making cakes or cookies. You can get nut crust pie shells and put sliced fresh fruit in them to bake for a pretty good low-cal pie. You can make your own nut crust by putting nuts (walnuts work great) in a food processor or blender & just press the ground nuts into a greased pie pan. Easy peasy!

Good luck! Let us know how you’re doing in 3 months, enough time to re-set your taste buds.

Frozen yogurt. Chocolate covered dried fruits. Fresh fruit. You can still have sweets just make them healthier sweets.

Try Fresca… and more sweet fruits and water

My husband drinks vinegar/water and he said it helps :woman_shrugging:t4:

Dry fruit like prunes or dates