How to cut kids nails?

I have a question for other momma’s.

I’m a young single mom of 17 month old twins & these kids will NOT let me do their nails. I refuse to use nail clippers because when they were much younger, I accidentally cut my son’s thumb. I’ve been using a nail file. however, recently they won’t let me file them anymore. Anybody have any advice/hacks on how to get the kids to sit still and let me do their nails. they’ve grown so long & they’re now scratching each other. :tired_face: HELPPPP!


I had to bite my kids nails off :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:


Do it when they sleep.


I always clipped them in their sleep. It’s way faster and easier than filing. You just really have to make sure the bottom part of the clipper is under their nail and not the skin.


I use baby nail Clippers to cut both my boys while they’re in the bath tub. Or you can just bite them.

Do it while they sleep or just hold them down and cut them as fast as possible. Lol

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Toes get done while mines in her highchair, nails are clipped while she sleeps

When they are asleep?

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Sounds odd but bite them off yourself, or try when their sleeping


I have always done my kids nails when they are sleeping

Wait until they sleep. Makes life easier.

Look into the clippers from Freda. You can not cut them! They are amazing!!!

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Wait til they either go down for a nap or when they are asleep for the night. I had to do that with my son

Do it when theyre asleep.

Cut their nails while they are asleep. I did that with my kids

Always done mine in their sleep x

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Do it while their asleep

I’m always paranoid about waking him if I try it in his sleep, and my guy is a non-stop mover, but I’ve found I can sometimes get away with it if I do it quickly while he’s watching his favorite videos. I only get about 3 minutes before his attention span is up but usually it’s enough time to get both hands done!

Put them in their carseats to cut them. You gotta do it. I have a head lamp that i put on too that helps me see. Sometimes you’ll nip your kids. It happens. But you gotta keep them groomed.

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Wait until they nap girl. My daughter is the SAME way!!!

Clip them when they are sleeping

I had a friend that would chew her kids nails after bathtime.

Idk I got lucky, I just tell my son I have to get the yuckies and he let’s me do it. Haircut in the other hand is a nightmare lol

Cuticle scissors are much easier than clippers and quick

I wait until mine are asleep.

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Always done mine while they were sleeping.

Do it while they sleep

I use clippers, I hold my daughter’s hand above her head so she can’t see. So far it works…

I always used nail scissors

I do my 9 month olds when she is asleep.

Definitely wait until in a deep sleep…My son finally outgrew the tantrum around 2 and now I can cut them just fine

I clipped my oldest finger when I tried to clip hers… ever since then, I bit them off. Well not now because she’s 11 lol but you know what I mean

I sing baby shark while I do it, that’s the only way he will sit still lol

Use manicure scissors while they’re sleeping

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Make a game out of it?
Get a small bowl of water.
Also nail polish. If a boy use clear base coat.
For a girl use a nice soft color.
Have each child put one hand in the bowl of water.
Dry hand of the boy, file nails. When you are done put clear polish on nails.
Yes men do clean their nails

I waited until mine were asleep

Always do my daughters when she is sleeping.

They also have a nail clipper on amazon for $10 that wont cut babies skin

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I use a tiny pair of scissors that you get in a manicure set. Much easier to maneuver and I make funny sounds while I clip each nail, my son is almost 6 and really dislikes getting his nails cut but it has to be done!

do it when they sleep.

Wait until they’re sleeping.

I have to hold my little with my legs around her sometimes just to cut them :rofl: I clipped her finger when she was a baby too n I cried sooo hard. But I sucked it up n continued to cut them when needed. Now she thinks it’s funny when her nail clipping flies n hits me in the eyes. She’s a year n 9 months

If you’re too scared to clip them ask a friend or family member to do it. It really needs to be done and is a part of parenting. You should be brave and try again while they are sleeping

Wait until they are asleep

A lot of moms i know would bite their babies nails

Let them watch a cartoon on your phone while they hold the phone in one hand cut the nails on the other.