How to deal with anxiety?

Any other moms suffer with a diagnosed panic disorder or even health anxiety? Or both? I was diagnosed with it last year but have had panic attacks and extreme anxiety for the last 6 years. I’m currently 14 weeks and my anxiety has only gotten worse with pregnant. My OB referred me to see someone for therapy, so I’m hoping that it works because I really want to stay far away from medication(s) if I can avoid it. I’m trying so hard not to stress because I know baby can feel everything but it kind of seems natural to me now. Doesn’t seem like a normal day to me UNLESS I have an anxiety attack. I’m just looking for coping methods, right now I do some breathing techniques but they don’t always help. On the note of health anxiety, which probably sounds nuts, what do you guys do for that? I’m super hypersensitive and very aware of my body and bodily sensations. Because of my anxiety, I tend to freak out if I feel any type of bodily sensation (a chest pain, heart burn, numbing) literally anything. I also focus ALOT on my breathing which is a bad habit I’ve gotten into, I feel like I can’t breathe and try to force myself into deep breaths which makes it worse. Thanks y’all!!

I will tell you it’s not easy. But I’ve been there and done. 17 years ago and 6 years ago. When pregnant you have to think of the life that presious child growing. Depending on mom baby can’t say hey don’t feel this way or don’t take this etc…so you gotta leave it in God’s hands I did. I do .again it’s not easy. I’ve also had been on pain medications. All doctors said to stay on it cause it was best well I gave it to God and I felt so wrong every time I took it cause baby didn’t have a choice but GOD handles it. Babies are fine. But that’s us. Trust you self. Believe GOD bless you and your family

Also. Cold water and sit in front of a fan. When your attacks happen. And focus on breath in your nose out your mouth deep and slow. And focus on something else. Don’t check your heart rate. But see something nice. Smell something good. Listen to your favorite songs. Pray. Enjoy

I have been on medication a few times for anxiety and panic attacks, but learning grounding techniques in therapy was the most helpful thing that I ever found. People that are closest to me also know these techniques to help me pull myself out of particularly bad situations (when I can’t even think clearly). The 54321 game has been the most helpful for me (and my husband knows this one well to help pull me out of severe panic attacks). Here’s a link with some great grounding techniques. Sending you love and light. It is SO difficult, but know that you are not alone! <3

there r different essential oils that help with anxiety and panic attacks sometimes just finding different things to focus on…grounding as well my therapist said 3
5 things I can see, 4 I can touch, 3 I can hear, 2 I can smell, and 1 thing I can taste