How to deal with anxiety?

:exclamation:trigger warning​:exclamation:My son is 5 months and ever since I had him I have really bad anxiety. It gets to the point where every time I drive I think of ways I can wreck and get hurt and ways I can save him if anything happens. I hate thinking this way. Is there anything I can do to help ease my mind? Is this normal?


That’s just a part of being a mom. Especially a new mom. Some people have it worse than others. I already suffer from anxiety but having children made it worse.

Post partum anxiety is a very common thing, similar to post partum depression. You could bring it up to your doctor, potentially try counseling. I wouldn’t say it’s just part of being a mom, since not everyone deals with it.


Sounds like post partum issues. You should talk to your doctor about it.

Normal… I still check on my kids breathing in the middle of the night.

Even the older ones lol

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Not normal, talk to your doctor. Worrying more is normal, but anxiety keeping you from doing things is not.


First so proud of you for speaking up and realising you need a little help…
Please see a Dr.
It can get easier xox
Good luck mumma


I personally dealt with this and still do sometimes. As my daughter has gotten older it’s decreased significantly.

I have a degree in Psychology, you should really seek some medical attention such as a psychologist or a psychiatrist - depression/ anxiety are taken to lightly now a days. sometimes just talking to a professional helps!


Look into CBD oil. I give it to my daughter for anxiety and it’s a godsend!

For people saying it’s normal it’s not.
That’s post partum anxiety and you should speak with you doctor.
Seeing and or speaking with a doctor should definitely be made a priority.
Worrying about your kids IS normal.
This is not. That’s intrusive thoughts.


Go to the doctor. This level is not normal.

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Post partum anxiety is very common but please go talk to your doctor about it

My son is 21 and i still feel like this. I see a therapist for it. Said i need to work through it haven’t yet i do hope you can cause i know that it’s a crippling fear prayers

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Find someone to talk to asap!!! Post Partum is real and causes anxiety and depression. You can loose control without realizing it & even hurt your child. When you feel unsafe please for God’s sake leave your child with someone you trust and take a break… Take a few hours to yourself to calm down and get yourself together. Don’t be embarrassed ask your close family or friends for help. You don’t need to hurt yourself either.

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I think every mom thinks that way. I was always paranoid in high traffic situations before being a mom and now it really makes me nervous. My husband also works nights and I had to buy a security system to feel better about being alone at night.
Almost nightly I go through my plan if someone were to break in and how I could get myself, the kids and our 12 year old dog out safely. It’s hard to deal with but it’s part of being a parent.

Mine was triggered by abuse from my ex partner. I was terrified to leave my son with anyone- even scared the first time with my mother (who rest in peace, never would hurt him or anyone for that matter); as he got older- I got better as well as leaving that partner.

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Seek medical help…talk to someone about it! Worrying is natural, anxiety keeping you from doing everyday tasks is not. Every new mom worries. I had severe post partum depression after my last child, and have had anxiety all my life, never talked about it. My dr was very understanding, and even just saying out loud to someone what’s going has helped me

ive dealt with anxiety along time, and it got worse after my pregnancies

Those are specifically called "intrusive thoughts " and it’s part of anxiety. I had/have the same thing. Definitely something anxiety meds can help with.

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I have bad anxiety always have I think the same way. They put me on medication and it’s not as bad now. Plus I wasn’t sleeping good and these meds help with that also.
Hang in there mama

It’s normal to me. I think this way sometimes, especially on long trips (I already see somone!) My dr said it’s ok that I’m thinking of being prepared for anything.

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It sounds like post partum dear. That’s normal but you need help and to be open with people. Find a PPD group so you can communicate with others who know what you’re going through


Normal with your first. I have anxiety over my children getting hurt my daughter is 9 I fear that I am putting fear into her I’m always like no don’t go on that rock you’ll fall and cut your head open it’s always the worst case scenario you’ll get their mama congratulations on your baby

Those are not normal thoughts. Speak with your doctor, they can help you feel better.

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Therapy. It can really help. You may not need meds but they can help you find ways to retrain your brain.
My therapist had me hit up YouTube and start Tai Chi and a journal. I’d write my “fear” or question and then write out a plan.
Sounds really odd, but I still do Tai Chi and I write a few times a month. It was really helpful.

My youngest daughter has been having very bad anxiety over the weather lately and I got one of those lavender scented plug in’s by Glade and it has helped a lot. She’s still worried but not to the point of not sleeping.

Sounds like post partum anxiety. I went through this with my son. I’d have visions of falling down the stairs while carrying him and this exact scenario with the car crash. You’re not alone, and talking to your doctor can help!

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Please go see someone to talk to the is Post partum depression and anxiety and without treatment can become very sever. My son is 1 and i have been seeing someone since he was 2 weeks for this same reason because I would have the same thoughts. Have my therapist has helped a ton.

My brain has always worked like this.
Constant panic.
Constantly planning for worse case scenario.

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Get to your doctor :lab_coat: before it gets out of hand. They are not normal thoughts

:raised_hands::raised_hands: girl me too! I waited til I was 25 to get my license and I still dont drive a bunch for that reason. I can prevent what I do, I cant prevent what someone else does and I’m scared to death about getting in an accident with them. You just have to breathe, and talking about it does help. You’ll never stop worrying but if you talk yourself through it… it will help. & definitely talk to your doctor. That’s what they are there for :heart:

I have really bad anxiety and when my kids were little we walked everywhere we went. I would have these horrible Terrors/flashes of the kids falling and their heads would land in the road and a car would run over their heads! (I’m crazy, I know already) still now at 12 and 13 years old I won’t let them walk on the outer part of the sidewalk because I’m still terrified that something stupid like that will happen. eventually gets better when you realize how silly it is

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I had the same issue after my daughter was born. I had so much anxiety about anything happening to her. I talked to my dr, and was on sertraline for maybe a year, possibly less, cant remember now, but it definitely helped calm the nerves a bit.

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Postpartum depression. Talk to your doctor please :heart:

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Sounds normal to me. I was like that too with my kids at first.

Get on medication, the only thing that saved me.

Call your family Dr.or OB Gyn now, which ever knows you better.

I experience the same thing. I’ve had severe anxiety nearly all my life, and now that I have my son (6 months old) it’s gotten worse. I think about getting into wrecks with him in the car and what I would do. I think about my fiancé wrecking with him in the truck. Even when he’s not in the car with me, I think about being on my way home from work and getting shot and killed by a road-raged maniac. I have so much anxiety. First-time mom anxiety is normal. This kind of anxiety is not. Worrying like this is very bad on your mental and physical health. It’s not going to improve on it’s own. I’m a psychology student and know the red flags I see in myself. If I had insurance I would make myself go talk to someone. If you have insurance, take advantage of speaking with a professional. It will help you a lot

Go to the dr now, for postpartum depression and anxiety.

It is not unusual to have some anxiety after the birth of a child but if is becoming a problem for you day to day tell your doctor, who may refer you to a psychologist or psychiatrist for evaluation and treatment. Some new moms end up on anti-anxiety medication for a while. There is nothing to be ashamed of here, your hormones may need some time to readjust after your birth experience. The important thing is that if you need some treatment your child will also benefit from having a calmer, happier mom and you will be doing what is needed for both of you. Do not let anyone shame you or tell you to just suck it up. If this is becoming a problem your doctor is the best judge of what you may need.

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Go talk to a therapist or counselor

Totally normal especially if you’re a first time mom !

Normal but I would still talk to your doc about the anxiety

Sounds like postpartum depression. You need to talk to your doctor. I have always had anxiety but after my 2nd child was born it got so much worse. I had to be put on medication for it.

talk to your doctor immediately they can help you you could be experiencing PTSD from childbirth or postpartum depression and this is manageable and it’s not abnormal there is nothing innately wrong with you

I would check in to some professional councling, asap, please

I deal with the exact same thing. And take medication pretty much any time I leave the house to calm my nerves, I would talk to your doctor.

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Its very normal but you need to get help. Please call your Ob and let them know how you are feeling. This is post partum depression and is very serious. Know you are not alone, its very common

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It is totally normal! I remember the drive home from the hospital with my first; it was almost too much anxiety for me to take. Personally, the traveling anxiety has worn off (not for my husband, though) but I had mad anxiety in regards to other people’s treatment of him. I’ve relaxed some but it’s totally normal to have these anxieties that we didn’t have before. There is a new life for which we are 100% responsible. That’s HUGE. It’s understandable that we see the world in a whole new light.

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Call doctor now, PPD.

Sounds just like me!!

I had this bad after my son was born too!! It was the worst. It eventually went away.

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I do the same thing!! Ever since I wrecked I don’t want to drive my kids ANYWHERE bc I’m so afraid.I ended up having to jump out of my car before it went down a hill & slammed a building so I’m very thankful my kids weren’t with me or we all would’ve hit that building going about 55 mph. so now anytime I have to drive them to appointments I have bad panic attacks unless someone else is with us keeping my mind off of it.

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Make an appointment with a Psychiatrist, immediately.

I’m the same way been that way for 8 years since I had my first baby and I have 4 now so if it’s not normal then I’m not normal either lol

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Used to think about things like that too as a new Mom. I eventually realized I was being ridiculous and thankfully I stopped having thoughts about things I cant control. I was really stressing out about it!

I experienced this. I bought an owl charm and hung it from my rear view mirror. Now when I’m driving I feel calm telling myself that my owl is protecting us. :two_hearts:

Sounds normal but it also sounds like postpartum depression setting in you need to talk to your doctor

It’s normal, I started taking balance (but not until my daughter was like 14 months because I didn’t know about it) and I am very much so back to myself. It helps balance your hormones. You can get it at gnc. I still take it now because it just makes me feel way better.

Don’t let anyone tell you that this isn’t normal. It absolutely is. I never heard of postpartum anxiety before I had my daughter. No one talked to me about it. I remember sitting in my chair and having these visions or flashes of her neck breaking or dropping her on the pavement or her slipping under the water in the bath. It was horrible. I thought there was something wrong with me. There wasn’t . I was just experiencing what 90% of Mothers experience after they have a baby. What helped me was googling postpartum anxiety stories. Seeing what other women went through. Realizing that I wasn’t alone, and that not only were there other people that were going through what I was going through, but that it was far more common than not! I only even saw a therapist ONE time because after she told me it was normal, I felt sooooo much better.

You’re a good mama. Don’t let this wear you down. You got this.


I do that and cry and think what the heck is wrong with me told my doctor about it and she said it’s normal to think like that once you are a mom

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Post partum depression, get help

I use to do it too it’s normal for the longest I couldn’t watch horror movies involving kids you eventually get over it

Sounds like part Ppd - part survival mode for some reason… Like if im understanding correctly your thinking of horrid scenarios and then ways to react to those? … Something happen to make you feel overprotective? Id talk to a Dr about and see what they say

Sure … Talking to a real doctor and getting on anxiety meds

Sounds like postpartum anxiety at least. You should talk with your doctor.

Happened to me with my last. Psychiatrist

See a psychiatrist now

A lot of ppl are going to label this as “depression”…don’t listen to that BS. Of course ask a professional, but it sounds like anxiety. I had it and still experience it from time to time but it’s not nearly as bad as when I first brought the baby home

Intrusive thoughts can be a symptom of many things including PTSD, Anxiety Disorder, PPD, Bipolar Disorder, etc. They can also be normal. If they become obsessive and bothersome then you should talk to a medical professional you trust. Whether it be your gyno, physician, a therapist, or psychiatrist. Let them know how you’re feeling so they can help you better understand what is going on.