How to deal with pettiness from neighbors?

A few months back our pool was found in their yard, we asked and the mom came out all mad saying her daughter says it was her little sisters. She grabbed it then came out and said her daughter didn't touch it and looked at the camera to make sure. Never showed me, I let it slide. Then last month her daughter came by and said her mom and aunt were saying they hated the kids and didn't want them over. I messaged her and she denied but continued to say I was strict and over protective and basically I should allow my kids to be out and experience the bad things in the world to teach them there kidnappers and sex offenders. Because he needs to know I could die at any moment. Then the neighbors cousin came by his dad said he could come in. Well the mom next door sent his mom over to get him- lied they were going home. Next day she yelled and demanded I lie to her cousin saying hes not allowed to come to my house. When I told her I would not do that and if his mom or dad says it's fine that's who I listen to. She's not his mom since then she has said I hurt her feelings and won't let her daughter play with my kids her and her daughter talking about them. Now she Runs whenever she sees them but still allows them to play on my drive way stand ride through our yard now mad, I keep telling them to stay off. My daughter stepped her toe on their lawn because they parked on the sidewalk and her daughter was yelling rude stay off etc. Now they can't be on ours but still try when they think we can't see. Why let her in our yard to play but not allow her to play with the kids? any advice?

I would just completely cut off contact. There’s no reason to keep trying when she just wants to be petty.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to deal with pettiness from neighbors?

You’re both petty at this point honestly. Y’all acting worse than the kids n teaching them all to be petty like their parents. Y’all need to grow tf up


Just ignore the petty neighbors and don’t act just as petty either…. Problem solved. Build a fence if you can.


Honestly, it all sounds pretty petty.
The adults are taking their (adult) anger about their (adult) issues out on the children, and now the children are angry at each other too.
You two need to sit down and figure it out.


Huh like your playing it back.


Just stop responding to them. Unfortunately we can’t control others and if she doesn’t want her kids playing with yours let it be. Just tell your kids sorry that you guys don’t get along. Leave it at that. If u can move then move.

your neighbor is bat$hi!! crazy. quit trying—keep your kids away from that family, they’ll all turn out just like her.


Woooow… Remember who the children are… :eyes::woman_shrugging:


Fences make great neighbors


My hub always has fought with every neighbor…saying how terrible they were…after moving 5 times I’m starting to think that my hub is the terrible neighbor! Lol. Next move, he can stay!! Lol


Some people just shouldn’t breed smh


Your neighbor sounds nuts and she is going to make her kids nuts. If they are little little children they should not be in adult conversations. That mom already sounds like she is gonna be trouble and running her mouth to her children. Moving is way too expensive and doesnt solve anything she seems like she is trying to make you and your children miserable so you leave. And she is lying. Karma will get her in the end be the better parent. Invest in a fence for your babies to have full reign and to keep hers off your property. You child already stubbed her toe while they are making it hard to play in their yard. The fence will stop that too cause you can bet if her kid gets hurt at your house with all the amnesty you will be the one sued and in court. Everyone is sue happy lately. Just a put a fence up make sure its all on your property when it goes up and keep your kids safe on your property and yes of course teach them stranger danger but there’s no reason to tell young children their mom is gonna die at any moment. Who the hell says/does something like that.


‘‘I should allow my kids to be out and experience the bad things in the world to teach them there kidnappers and sex offenders.’’ WTF…I would not trust my kids around this family. Severe ties.

None of this seems coherent…also why is your pool migrating?


This whole narrative sounds sooo mixed up I can’t even begin to follow it. :unamused: Feel sorry for all the children involved no one seems to be setting a good example for them. I would just keep to myself and move forward. No one needs this kind of drama in their life, way too toxic.


Prayers for all involved :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

Nothing like adults doing/saying petty elementary school sh°t to each other and teaching your kids it’s acceptable behavior :woman_facepalming:. I feel sorry for the kids honestly. Grow up, stay to yourself, build a fence or move.


Sounds like pettiness from both sides. Remember there’s two sides to these neighbors stories. Just stop talking to them leave it alone. U could always just tell them u have covid or ur in quarantine lol that seems to work well.


Install cameras, ignore them and tell kids to do the same.


Fences work wonders for rude neighbors

Put up a fence and cameras. Problem solved.

Sounds like you need to move.

Stay the hell away from them! Call the cops if needed!

My neighbors daughter told my daughter that she was allergic to her and that’s why they couldn’t play together any more and those are the only kids in are neighborhood

My kids were never allowed to walk in a neighbor’s lawn even to retrieve a ball. However when her relatives kids were over, they were told to play in our yard so they wouldn’t change her lawn

Y’all are full grown adults. :woman_facepalming:
Keep you and your children to yourself.
Ignore the fact she’s still breathing. When she yells, blow her a kiss, wink…and walk away.
Stop entertaining bullshyt.

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Sounds like kindergarten 101