How to deal with pregnancy headaches?

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So for the past couple of days I’ve been having the most gosh awful headaches to the point I’m in bed all day long and nothing I do gets rid of them. I’m 37 weeks & 2 days and the more research I do, the signs are pointing to HELPP syndrome AKA preeclampsia. All the symptoms I’m having are that of HELPP and I’m freaking out because it could cause me to have to deliver early. The symptoms I have been having are headaches every day for the past 5 days, swelling in my hands, feet and face, blurry vision, losing my balance, sharp pains in my belly, nausea and vomiting. My blood pressure has been pretty consistent throughout my pregnancy but I also read where sometimes the symptoms of high blood pressure and protein in the urine dont always show up. Has anyone ever been diagnosed with HELPP or has anyone experienced these symptoms and it turned out to be something else?