How to deal with toddler tantrums?

Is it normal for a 13 month old to throw tantrums? Shes been doing it pretty offten after her 1st birtgday and im not sure how to handle it or how to help calm her! I hold her she crys! I place her down she crys! Im a first time mommy and am unsure how to assess her tantrums?


It has just begun! My 13 yo throws them when she doesn’t get her way.

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Children throw very random tantrums all the time. My niece is the queen of them. She will literally throw herself on the floor, and just scream. You could literally give her EXACTLY what she wants and she still won’t be happy.

So my advice to you is to get used to it. :joy:

I’m sorry, children aren’t always super fun(I know mine aren’t anyway):roll_eyes::joy:


Completely normal. Don’t give her any attention when she does it and she will soon learn that is ineffective. The more attention you give her during a tantrum the more she will think it works.

She’s a toddler they have tantrums. She’ll be okay.

Yes, but it’s more like mood swings as in don’t try to disapline it just support them. They have BIG feelings at this age and don’t always know how to handle them.


I don’t think smacking is the answer. I do believe in time out. First I would make sure nothings wrong. Little children cannot tell us what is wrong

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As long as my little girl can stay outside she is 1 happy camper!

I use to start saying in a almost a whisper…“shhhhh listen…I hear something listen do you hear it” a d if they started again I’d do it again…most time it worked…or knock on the wall and that would work to they would think someone is at the door…

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It’s freakin’ awful. Lol I’m a second time mom and have one of each and honestly, imo I don’t believe the people who say it gets better/easier. … But that’s me.

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Let her be angry. She will learn to self sooth, when you ignore her.

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I think all kids throw tantrums, not too sure though.

My granddaughter is 14 months. I just try to get her attention on something else. She forgets about why she was mad.

Absolutely normal, but maybe try to teach little one to do some sign language? The basics (eat, drink, potty) will help little one express what she wants/needs :slight_smile: