How to dress newborns in the summer?

I would like some advice everyone :hugs:
Okay so my son was born late January of 2018 so I had a newborn in winter. I need advice on this I’m currently pregnant with my 2nd and I’m due early August I’m kinda lost on how to keep him dressed I guess? With my son I had him all bundled up cause it was cold out but this one it will b warm any advice (yes i know how to dress a newborn n take care of a child I’m a damn good mom) it just going to be totally different for me… went from a winter newborn to a summer newborn lol I’m also trying to get all his clothes ready for when he is here
TIA no bashing


Onesies are the easiest in the summer

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I’m not one to get all fancy and dressed up

I would stick with short sleeved onesies. Maybe shorts. I didn’t buy shorts/pants for my son cause he would get warm very easily so he would only be in onesie. Also, don’t do hats and get a thin blanket just in case. Good luck mama!

Dress him like you would dress yourself


Dress him how you feel comfortable if you have air you might not want him in just a diaper

I read somewhere if you’re comfortable dress them appropriately. If you’re cold likewise. I always did my kids like that

We mostly did onesies or thin jammies. We kept a blanket around in case he felt a little chilly.

There is an app “BabyWeather” (just my 2 cents)

Onesie and little shorts nd socks thin reciving blanket for comfort.

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Just light clothing cause you will have air conditioning so I used cotton onsies and gowns. They still need socks and there are gauze like receiving blankets. Keeping out of direct sun is important unless there is jaundice. If your baby gets to warm like sweating take some clothes off, it’s pretty easy really. Either your baby will like heat or not, my daughter hated the heat so we had a soft foam clip on fan for her stroller and when at the beach etc… I just sprayed her with a mist of water to make her happy.

Well where I live winter is literally only end of October to end of January (I live in southern AZ. So my daughter being born in October 2013 was my winter baby and my son in February 2018 was my summer baby. I did onesies and diapers on hot days for him. He did use sleepers at night long sleeved and swaddled him just because the fan was on and didn’t want him to get a chill from that. But during the day onsies if out we put shorts on with a onesie and socks to protect his feet. There is an organic sunblock for newborns we used when we did go out (even if we didn’t keep him in direct sunlight we took precaution anyway) good luck mama.

Onsies will be your best friend. Just light outfits


Dress the kid how you’re dressed. Shorts and short sleeves? Do the same for the baby. Long sleeves, jacket, heavy pants? Do the same for the baby.

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My son was born June 3rd of 2016. We just dressed him how we dressed (warmer than us on the cooler days) and paid attention to if he was sweating or not. And watched for redness to see if he was getting to warm