How to dry up breast milk?

What are some healthy ways to dry up breast milk supply with avoiding mastitis as much as possible? I have a 3 month old and I only pump once or twice a day and I don’t have the time to continuously pump each day and I get maybe 4-5oz per breast each time.


Cabbage definitely but it will stink fyi😂

When i started pumping only once or twice a day i just stopped, had no issues

Cabbage leaves, prick them with a fork and put them in your bra.

Cabbage leaves around your breast then wrap with an ace bandage

You can also start pumping less and less and your body will naturally start producing less milk.

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Benedryl dried me right up.

Start pumping less each time and extend each session out as long as possible

Break it down to pumping once a day and then pump if you get to engorged mine always just dried up

I just wore tight bras and when they felt extra full I’d go to the bathroom and hand express milk into the sink. I wouldn’t recommend doing that at work unless it’s a single toilet locking door bathroom. But after a while of that it just dried up

4-5oz per breast? That’s awesome! Cabbage leaves, Benadryl/Zyrtec everyday (careful if it makes you sleepy), peppermint/sage tea multiple times a day. I would first try to cut back on pump times and don’t pump until empty. I tried doing it cold turkey after 2ppd and I was in so much pain for a week, thought I was going to get mastitis. Ended up taking me 2 weeks to dry up that way. :weary:

Hot compress with any menthol soap to avoid mastitis (i had it bad) and it relieved all the pain.
Cabbage leaves didnt work for me. During the day id take pads and put aloe on it and place them in my bra by my armpits then take benedryl. I dried up in a few days

I went to the doctor and he gave me 1 tablet and dried up pretty much straight away