How to dry up breastmilk?

Has anyone else had issues drying up breastmilk? I fed my twins for almost 2 years and I still produce milk even though I haven’t fed in a year and a half. It’s getting annoying at this point, I’ve tried everything but it just doesn’t stop.

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Peppermint oil! I lathered it on 3-4 times a day. It worked great me!

Took years for mine to stop after a 3.5 yr journey with one of my kids.

Cold raw cabbage and a very tight sports bra

It took me 6 years to to dry up on my right one and 3 yrs on my left one after 1 yr breastfeeding my son.
Now I’m breastfeeding again and my daughter is 18 months old. Would be interesting to see how long this time when I finsh

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Benadryl, cabbage leaves.

Raw cabbage is the trick to drying up

Nursed for 3.5 years with my last one. It took forever to finally stop producing milk.

Cabbage leafs dries it right up

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What does the doctor say?

cabbage leaves worked for me in like 2 days!!!

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Mine took like a yr to go away completely to :face_with_peeking_eye:

Cabbage leafs can help fry them up. But you can also lactate technically forever. My friend had her last baby 6-7 years ago and she still has milk come out every now and again. If you’ve ever had a baby at any time in your life you can always lactate again.

I produced milk from 7 months pregnant with my first child in 2003 all the way through 2014 when I stopped breastfeeding my 6th, even though I didn’t brestfeed all of them and some I didn’t breastfeed for more than a few months

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There are pills to dry you up. Prescription though.

No stimulation at all to breasts. Don’t let hot water to your breasts in the shower. Hot water stimulates and causes milk production. A tight bra with cabbage leaves in your bra or wrap the breast as tight as you can stand it. If you haven’t fed you baby in a year and a half and still have breast milk you need to ask a Doctor because that’s not normal. Milk comes through stimulating.


Benadryl and cabbage leaves

Cabbage leaves and Benadryl, or any anti histamines will help dry you up.

Frozen cabbage leaves and a tight sports bra. I stopped within a week

Frozen cabbage leaves. Put on each side and when it starts to smell like cook cabbage, change it. My grandma told me this and I dried up in a week.