How to dry up breastmilk?

Why are MY BOOBS LEAKING BREAST MILK??? I HAVE NOT BREAST FED IN OVER 3 MONTHS! Has this happened to anyone? Does this mean i can breastfeed again? lol


Yes and I didn’t even nurse

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Yes sometimes you don’t dry up:)

I havent in almost 3 years and it still happens

Happen for 4 year after my son as well

I know a lot of woman who’s also did the same

I just dried up and it’s been 5 years

Yes mine happened like 2 to 3 years after I stopped breastfeeding. It still happens sometimes too.

I started leaking milk and i found out i was pregnant

After I had my daughter it took about 2 years for me to completely dry up . I went to my obgyn and she couldn’t fine nothing wrong . It wasn’t that I had a lot either it was just a few drops from time to time

It can happen for a long time. Even years.

Haha, it’s usually takes a year + for me to dry up!

You can leak milk for a couple years after having a baby

I never produced milk. Then a year later it randomly came in. Not much but ya it’s normal to happen.

My youngest is three and I still to this day make milk. I dried up a few weeks ago but it came back I think it’s because I’m pregnant again that it stopped and came back

Its just hormones. If your prolactin is elevated you’ll still produce some. I havent breastfed since my daughter was 10 months and now shes one year and a month old

yes, you can totally relactate, and nurse your baby. it is possible.

My breasts still have a little and my youngest is 5.

Your boobs can take up to 2 years for them to fully dry up. Try using cabbage leafs in your bra to help dry up your milk. Crush the veins in the cabbage leafs (you have to crush the veins or it won’t work) then put them in the freezer just enough to get cold not frozen then put them in your bra all around your boob and leave them there until they are not cold anymore then repeat it will help dry up.

Yes… I still had little breastmilk for over a year after I stopped breast feeding.