How to dry up milk supply?

Soo… Moms I’ve been using cabbage to make by boobs not hard anymore, and now there leaking 100x worse then before… Now there starting to have small spots not hard, but there mostly still completely hard… I haven’t planned to breastfeed, so I’m asking what you would recommend to dry up all the milk… Someone told me get “real” Sudafed from a pharmacy but I don’t think that sounds safe… What’s your recommendations? What should I do other then cabbage and a compression wrap with a bra and breast pads?? That’s helping them listen up and leak, now I need them to not leak as bad as they are…


There are certain herbs that will help. Not sure which ones.

I’m having trouble following your post - but, if you don’t want to breastfeed, your doctor can give you a prescription to dry up your milk.

If you’re r trying to dry them up I heard benedryl helps.

Just squeeze it out in a sink little by little until you not engorged within a week you will stop producing

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Sudafed completely works and drs recommend too. But honestly call your obgyn they can help


Just dont touch them , nothing at all. No cabbage.


Leave them alone…and deal with it. Pads.


I used cabbage all 3 times.
Take the leaves off and separate them. Leave them in freezer. Put one inside each bra pad. Once they arent cold anymore, throw away and get a new one.
You should be dried up in 48 hrs.

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Do not let hot water run over them in the shower, even though it’s so tempting. Just keep em wrapped as tight as you can stand it and leave them alone. (4 kids, no breastfeeding)

I ended up expressing which helped relieve some pressure but in saying that. That wont help the leaking lol will make it worse otherwise cold cabbage leaf along with massaging and got showers!!

I nursed my kids. When I was done since they slowly weened themselves it dried up on it’s own. My last two it didn’t dry up between them . I could squeeze and milk would come out. Up until 4 years or so later when I got pregnant with my daughter and they stopped doing it once I was so far along. She is 14 months and just stopped nursing a few weeks ago and I’ve stopped producing.

Just not to hot because it can clog milk ducts and cause infection at least thats what my doctor told me. But definitely leave the cabbage in the fridge

Sudafed D. The “D” part is what does the trick. Also, contact your local Le Leche League!

Peppermint essential oil

Hot shower 100%, it sucks but let the water drain them out

Back in my day we were bandaged up fairly tight to stopped the milk flow …for 4 days bit uncomfortable but it worked

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Mine went away in less than 2 weeks, yeah it was a pain in the ass soaked from sleeping and running in the shower. Dont do anything wear heavy flow overnight pads to bed

Lay a towel down if ya want

Wear a tight sports bra or something… will probably hurt for a couple of days but it works

I know you will think I’m crazy but this works take a quart jar and a wooden match light the match and drop it in the jar and blow it out then place your nipple over the jar opening and the smoke from the match will draw out the milk and dry it up no joke

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Tightly bandage them, i used an ace thick bandage when i was done with breast feeding. Was fast, can be uncomfortable

Any kind of allergy meds or sinus meds. I will have to come off of my allergy meds when I have my LO in the fall. I will be miserable, but I want to pump so I guess I will deal

The cabbage should dry out your milk.

I did the cold cabbage for like 2 or 3 days and the “fullness” went away completely

Rub alcohol on your breast soak them good my breast was hard and hurting bad I soak them in alcohol dry my right up no more pain relieve in it over night

Why waste all that milk??:roll_eyes: Can you make butter or cheese with it??? Just asking???:roll_eyes:


Cabbage for DAYS. Sudafed does help dry up your milk and is safe, I used the regular kind (little red pills for like 2 days), peppermint patties, peppermint essential oil rubbed on your breasts. (This has all worked for me in the past I’m currently breastfeeding now) also I would NOT recommend binding (wrapping tightly) I was told by a nurse that is not recommended anymore

Sudafed. Binding actually isn’t recommended anymore.

Get the sudafed. Antihistamines dry up milk.

I’ve never heard of any of this. Just leave them alone and wear breast pads to catch the leakage. It goes away on its own since there is no demand

Just then them alone . The more you prod and poke then the more milk you will produce as your stimulating them . Don’t have hot baths or showers . That’s about it

Hot shower will help it shoot right out XD my daughter is 3 now and I can still pinch a lil out. It’s normal doc said. Sometimes it sticks around. Hot shower always worked for me.

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You just have to wait and not exctract milk binding them thight helped some

Cyndi Darling because for some women it hurts and isn’t worth the pain otherwise she would probably try breastfeeding and if she’s at work it’s kind of hard to pump or what not all the time every 3 hours to keep it producing

Brooke Marie Rasmussen ??cheese/butter???:roll_eyes:

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