How to dry up milk supply?

I’m a first time mom. My baby Is two months old. I know that ultimately breastfeeding is best thing, but I’m not looking for bashing of rude comments. I’m looking for helpful courteous advise on how to help my milk supply dry up. Thank you in advance.


Wrap your breasts in cabbage leaves and then put a diaper around each. Cabbage will dry it up and the diaper will lessen the smell of the cabbage and soak up any leakage at the same time.


Cabbage leaves and sports bra !!!

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Peppermint works well and who don’t like peppermints

Just stop nursing or pumping.

Stop nursing and expressing and wrap in cabbage leaves if sore and tender under sports or nursing bra. Can smell slightly as the leaves heat up but it eases soreness xx

Cabbage leaves in your bra!!

If you can wean as much as possible first, definitely helps… I’m on day 8 and it hasn’t been bad at all this time, almost dried up! I just weaned for a couple weeks and my milk was lowering and then I used cabbage and put on a regular bra with a sports bra over… I didn’t wean with my first and it was absolutely horrible and painful

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Cabbage leaves dry up your supply?! I had a nurse tell me that it’d help with soreness! I’m so glad I only did that once.

I dried up when i just stopped feeding and pumping.

I had to take ibuprofen for the pain and ice packs help too! Don’t listen to anybody who shames you for formula! That’s what it’s there for mama :slightly_smiling_face: FED is best.


I’ve heard the best way is to slowly wean off of it. Cut out one pumping session every few days until you can just stop. It might be uncomfortable for a few days, but should clear up!

Stop breastfeeding. Mine dry up just stopping breastfeeding and not pumping. It will dry up eventually. Mine did in like a week.

You have to wean down with breastfeeding/expressing. There’s nothing wrong with stopping!!! :heart:
If you stop “cold turkey” you will get engorged and it will hurt, and you could get clogged ducts which is really painful.
Your body will naturally stop producing after the supply demand dwindles

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I wrapped mine with an ace bandage. Super tight. Do not let anything touch them for about 24 hours. Not even the shower water. It was a littl painful but then it was over and I never produced anything else.

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Keep those puppies tight and take some Benadryl. Ice them when sore. Try and not let hot water from the shower hit them.

Gentle cold compresses to slow blood flow to the area

Cabbage leaves and if that doesnt work try to give through long stretches then pump out the excess breast milk if it becomes too uncomfortable…that is how I did it at 4 to 5 months. Also tight binding or tight bras.

Wrap an ace wrap around your breasts.

Cold cabbage and sports bras! I did that every day, ice cold cabbage every couple hours and I dried up within about a week, if that!

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Benadryl everyday (make sure someone is there to take care of baby if it knocks you out), cabbage leaves in the bra, tight bandage, peppermint/sage tea multiple times a day, don’t let the hot water run across your breasts in the shower.

OR when your in the shower massage the boob like vertical and horizontally

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I used ice packs and ibuprofen my boobs were so swelled and tight and hurt to touch but once you get through a few days it helps but keep that in mind if you have stuff to do. We switched to formula too and stopped pumping and everything. Actually I don’t care what anyone says I loved breastfeeding my daughter for the short time we could but it just wasn’t working out…one of my nipples is inverted and would cause me a lot of pain and my boyfriend felt horribly depressed and helpless to one see me cry all the time and two because he couldn’t help much and I was miserable as much as I adored the connection and benefits i wouldn’t change our decision.

I had to use frozen cabbage leaves after mine because I’m unable to breastfeed

Bound your breast tight. They will dry up fast. This is what the doctor told me to do. Take over the counter pain med to make you more comfortably

It has to be a gradual process. Take the baby off the boob and only pump when they get enlarged. Soon you will needed to pump less and less and they will dry up in a week or two. Nothing wrong with stopping. I stopped with all four when they were about two months

I have heard that meds like Sudafed, Benadryl, and Mucinex will dry you out faster.

Ibuprofen\tylenol\aleve etc for engorgement pain.

Try not to express unless you can’t take the pain anymore then just hand express to comfort.

The recommendation is ice packs but those hurt my boobs way worse than the engorgement pain ever did so I took a hot hot shower once a day and massaged and hand expressed to comfort to relieve the pain and prevent clogged ducts.

It took me about 5 days of engorgement pain and then I was fine. I still leaked for a couple months after though but never anything really substantial

Tight sports bra, cabbage leaves.

Agree cabbage leaves really do work

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Here’s what I did. One, my milk didn’t come in until my first was almost 3 weeks old. I wore my regular bra with a sports bra over it. They will be sore! I guess I didn’t have much of a supply because that only took a few days. With my second I leaked once and that was it. Good luck!!

Cabbage leave and Sudafed

Cabbage leaves. Put them in your bra. Change them every couple hours. It should dry up within the week.

This is so weird but I used cabbage leaves and binding it works like a charm

Good for you for even trying. My LO refuses. It requires actual effort, unlike the nipple.

When I had my daughter they clamed I didn’t have correct nipples to breastfeed tmi iknow lol but I did pump the first few days so she would get what she needed , my boobs was huge but seemed like I couldn’t get not milk after a few days :frowning: I was so upset bc I couldnt breastfeed , but my milk dryed up after I quit pumping , my sister’s dryed up after the quick pumping and feeding as well , so mabe try not to pump or feed if ur done with breastfeeding , just be careful bc my boobs got lumps and one was bigger then the other and was sore idk if it was the pump I used or what , my boobs wouldn’t even go down after pumping :frowning: I have big boobs anyway I did stand in shower to help the pain, I just quit drinking so much water and quit pumping mine finish went down amd dryed up ! I was told to pump when they swelled but the pump made it worse so I just stopped , good luck :heart:

I slowly stopped with my second. I would wait to pump until it was painful. Then I’d pump for 2 or 3 min. Just enough to ease the pressure and pain, but not enough to empty the breast. I did this for about a week before my supply went away completely, but it was drying up on it’s own to begin with. It might take a little longer for someone with a healthy supply. I would NOT recommend going ‘cold turkey’ and just stopping. That is how you end up miserable and with mastitis. Some people are lucky and don’t get mastitis, but a lot of people do.

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Just don’t nurse. Cabbage leaves in your bra is supposed to help with the pain.

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I just stopped stimulation with all 3 of mine. Was never unbearable only slightly uncomfortable for a few days then dry. A fed baby is a happy baby it doesnt matter how as long as its getting milk/formula. Never feel bad for doing whats best for you and your child.


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Cabbage leaves works great.

Just take feedings away. Like 1 a week so you don’t have pain.

Noone should ever make you feel bad about, not wanting to or not being able to…Its your choice and if bubs get fed by bottle and formula, then bub is still getting fed…
but to dry up your supply…
do not manually express … don’t touch them, have cool showers … don’t let hot water run on them as they they will start to leak and have the let down… have to completely leave them alone… if its painful. frozen cabbage leaves can help and pain meds…

Taper off your feedings. Express just enough milk to take the pain away and with in two weeks you should be dried up

Hot showers for pain. My Dr told me the more you pump some out to relieve the pain the longer you will produce milk.

I stopped at 9 months being she was a bitter. To this day though even if I dried out, I still have some droplets if ya squeezed em a lil. Doc says it’s common for small glands near the nipple to produce and sometimes takes a few years. Shes almost 3 and they still do. I stopped pumping and feeding, and took a hot shower to release some and provide a lil comfort if you have pain.

Tight sports bras and Sudafed

I had supply issues so it was easier for me but I dropped a feeding or two every couple of days.

Plenty of cabbage crush the veins in cabbage first I like it cool. Takes awhile because the more you are around your crying baby the more that will keep coming out. All my friends told me it would take a few weeks but that was not the case for me it was months before mine dried up with cabbage everyday

Raw cabbage leaves works wonders

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Sudafed should help dry up your milk but also I’ve heard putting cabbage leaves in your bra can help!

I went to the doctors and he gave me 1 tablet and it dried up straight away

I just stopped and used cabbage. But i only breastfeed for 2 weeks. My son was put on soy

Ice packs, cabbage leaves (put them in the freezer and after they are frozen put them in ur bra covering ur entire breast until they start to become warm and do it all over, several times a day), try to not let warm water on them in the shower, and PLEASE don’t listen to anyone that tells u to wrap them tight or wear super right bras… this can cause clogged ducts and mastitis. Took mine less than a week to dry up

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to dry up milk supply?

Cold cabbage leaves on each breast once they aren’t cold dispose an do it again


Cabbage on your boobs.

Just leave your breasts alone. Don’t let warm water in the shower hit them as it will cause a let-down.

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When my brother was tiny, my mom took an antihistamine for allergies/cold symptoms… dried her right up (and she had to switch to bottles).


meds the doctor will give you or just leave them alone. I didn’t breastfeed and I just left mine alone and I dried up within 2 weeks or so. Dont touch or release any milk. They will hurt but eventually they will go back to normal and you will be fine. Use breast pads in your bras.


Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I took fenugreek pills to make more milk and it ended up completely drying me up within days.


I did peppermint tea like 3 times a day, Benadryl at night because it knocks me out, and cabbage leaves on each breast with a really tight sports bra and wrap.


Wear a sports bra all day. Even to bed.

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I was told that binding could help with the discomfort. I had been nursing twins so I was producing a lot. I wore nursing pads and then wrapped a tensor bandage around my chest. (not too tight, just enough to compress a little)

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Eliminate one pumping session every 3 days.

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Cold cabbage leaves. Change them out as soon as the aren’t cold, and a warning they might stick to your boob and hurt like a bandaid when you take it out :rofl: other than that just quit feeding/pumping. Its gonna hurt either way for a week or so


Cold Cabbage leaves dried me up in 48 hours (I was producing crazy amounts)… I would not recommend just ‘leaving them alone’ it will be a very painful and slow process.

Get cabbage leaves scratch the side your going to put on ur breasts with a fork, put them on ur breasts then a sports bra on. Keep doing that with no stimulation or hot water fr the shower hitting them and u will dry right up
Good luck❤

I soaked 4 size 1 diapers in water , placed each one in a ziplock bag separately, and froze . I would take two out and place inside my bra , molded around breast , when they thawed they went back into freezer and I grabbed the other two , the ziplock kept the wetness away from my shirt and they diaper was frozen but squishy and cold . Worked like a charm .


A binder. Don’t do anything to stimulate ie chocolate, letting warm water run over your breast.

Cabbage leaves, LOTS and LOTS of cabbage leaves. They hault production but make sure they’re cold. Definitely will want to change them out once warm. Otherwise the effects are gone and you’ll start to smell it instantly lol

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Apparently sudafed (the one behind the counter) will dry you up. I guess it works the same as it works on congestion. It’s amazing with how long women have been having babies and all the medical knowledge we have, they give us the same advice as my vet gave my dog…put cabbage on it :roll_eyes:


Following for the suggestions / Comments

Cabbage leaves and Sudafed.

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Anti-histamines, cannabis and tight sports bra. Watch out for infection.

Hot shower running over chest worked for me :slight_smile:

Cold Cabbage leaves and I tight bra. Wear it to bed too.
Make sure you watch out for mastitis and if u feel that you have a blockage try to release it in the shower. Avoid pumping unless at the start to relive pressure. Cleared up for me within the week.


Ibuprofen, cold cabbage leaves in a sports bra

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Your doctor can give you a pill to dry up milk

There is a tablet u buy to stop the milk

Epsom Salts. Don’t give up just yet though…it does get easier and is truly worth the effort.

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I used cabbage leaves…i wrapped them on my boobs at bedtime


Sage Tea really helped me! And any antihistamine, like benedryll or Zyrtec, also dries you up. Cabbage leaves definitely helped with discomfort (I was weaning after 8 months so it was pretty painful :persevere:) Yours won’t be as bad!

I know someone’s gonna have something to say about my comment probably but, some preemie babies digest breast milk better than formula so id make sure you’re baby can tolerate formula first because my son couldn’t digest it after being born early but if so then cold medicine. I took some while sick with my 3rd kid and I lost all my milk completely.


Fed is best! I couldn’t breastfeed any of my kids. It was too much! So I get it :heart: tight sports bra, ibuprofen for pain, I did ice packs too. I’ve heard cabbage leaves :blush:

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Breast milk is best for now anyway. Breastfeeding protects your baby health wise. The drs gave my niece birth control to Dr up here milk.

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Although some may advise against this, I used Benadryl for 3 days and my milk dried up

Back in the 60s I used camphor phenique.
Massaged it on the breast for 3 or 4 days and they dried up

Tight sports bra cool/Luke warm showers. Mine dried up quick. But they were sore till they did

Your milk just came in and u both are learning. It’s not easy but it doesn’t take but a little patience. However, if you’re serious, just stop stimulating your breasts by nursing and or pumping. Shouldn’t be too bad seeing it’s been a few days since your milk came in.

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The doctor can give you some pills to dry you up and put camforated oil on them will help dry them up and relieve the pain

I wish I just knew how to stop my supply from drying up

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to dry up milk supply?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to dry up milk supply?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to dry up milk supply?


Cabbage leaves- I would keep refrigerated, the cold leaves feel amazing. Make sure you have pads to catch the milk that gets pulled out. Change as often as you need.


A decongestant like sudafed will help. But is definitely not the natural route. Drink Peppermint tea and putting cabbage leaves in a sports bra helps. The compression from the sports bra helps too. Expressing even with your hands when you get really uncomfortable is important too so as not to get mastitis.(which is terrible!!). It takes a while in any case. Stay away from beer and oatmeal they are great for milk production.


How about instead of trying to talk her out of her own choice you give her the advice she needs or scroll by. She didn’t ask for encouragement to keep going. 🤦🤦


There is no shame in knowing what is right for you and YOUR baby!
I breastfeed for a long time and had enough milk for several babies, when quit I went cold turkey and it made feel sickly for a few weeks, but like I said I had tons of milk.
A few very, very snug bras and breast pads is is about my only suggestion and maybe this article.


To everyone giving advice to not stop or saying milk is best from mom literally shut up. Everyone knows breast milk has additional benefits saves money and helps bond w your baby for some people it’s just not doable. If breastfeeding is something she wants to stop doing let her do what she wants and offer advice for the question asked. It’s hard enough to make the decision to stop let alone everyone shoving it down your throat making you feel bad. Fed is best always. Happy mom makes a happy baby.


In case some of you don’t know but they supply donor BREAST MILK in the NICU’s because this and early drying are very common. I dried up fairly quickly after weeks of pumping and saving to bring to my little one that was born at 28 weeks. Until he was ready to take formula that baby was on donor breast milk. It’s a wonderful thing.

I’m sure she knows the benefits, it’s probably been crammed down her throat like the rest of us.