How to ease anxiety about giving birth?

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Needing advice about anxiety and birth.

I’m due in 1 week with my first, and I’m starting to have absolute horrid anxiety about the birth😂 I know it’s normal, but it is all becoming so real lol. What were some of your calming techniques when you had your first?? I just want to have a healthy and happy baby lol. Thanks!!


Calming techniques I had none. Just knew the baby had to come out whether I panic or not haha


Music. Breathing through contractions, waterbirth

Oh honestly I was so scared with my first baby, but really it’s like being on a rollercoaster, it’s all so quick, try fresh air…

Pick a focal point and just remind yourself what you get at the end!!
Also, labor in the bath as much as you can! Super helpful

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Just relax. It’s definitely scary but it’ll be okay. You’ll do fine. Remember to breath deep when you get contractions and I had an exercise ball that worked great. Have family and people you’re comfortable with there too it helped me so much

I didn’t have any reactions while i was in labor until i was ready to push that’s when it finally set in

Baby has to come out no matter what so just Relax. The hospital stay is my favorite part!! You got This! Congrats!!!

I had so much anxiety leading up to labor with my first and when I was actually in labor I felt totally calm. Other than the pain lol! I think my instincts fully took over. I hope you have a safe, healthy delivery and baby!

With my first I felt the same way. Just thinking about how she was coming out ugh. But during it… it never crossed my mind because I was just trying to get through it and kept breathing lol. GL

I don’t have any advice. I promise it goes so fast and once your holding your baby you
don’t remember anything else.

I’ve been a labor nurse for 25 years and I can tell you almost all first time moms say “that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be” Even if it hurts a bit, it will be one of the best moments of your entire life that you’ll remember forever. My #1 advice-get an epidural!


Just have complete faith in the doctors and nurses to guide you through the birth.

I wish I would have listened to my body and not the doctors. They kept telling me to move and try different positions which in turn made me more tired and stressed. Eight years later I wish I would have just laid in bed and focused on what I wanted and not what the nurses thought I wanted. Music, and relaxation.

No advice with my first I was in the hospital and told my husband we had to go home… Hahahaha you’ll get through it, it’s all worth try not to worry too much about the little things you’ll go crazy!

There was too much going on to be panicked, honestly. Lol.

Dont go in there with a super strategic plan. The plan is this baby comes out as safely as possible. Breathe. Communicate with the nurses and doctors, they are there to help.


I had no techniques, labor was super painful that I wouldn’t have been able to follow any if I did. :sweat_smile: I wasn’t focused on anything besides what my body was telling me to do, I couldn’t even think about anything besides trying to get through my next contraction. Just know once that baby is out all of that pain will be gone and you’ll feel instantly almost normal again.

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People who tell you scary delivery stories would never have a second child if it was as bad as they say. Think of the sweet little one. I love the smell of a freshly bathed and powdered baby.

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I just would remember that women have been giving birth for thousands of years and modern medicine in America is great. That little ball of love needs to get out of there somehow/someday and staying calm is the best thing you can do. Have a plan obviously, but also be realistic. Nothing went the way I wanted it to during the birth of my son but staying realistic and level headed made it so much easier. And SLEEP while you can. Not even joking. Sleep until your due date :joy:
Good luck & Congratulations! :sparkling_heart:

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I gave birth to my first 3 weeks ago. Don’t try and be tough and go drug free, get an epidural! Trust me. I was in severe pain with the meds they had me on. The minute I got the epidural I fell asleep and felt no pain.

The drugs. I found the drugs to be very calming. I asked for them as soon as we got to the hospital. But Nurse Rachet was all, “Ma’am we can’t give you drugs until you go into labor. Your chart says that you’re just here for high blood pressure.” I didn’t see what the big deal was, but whatevs. I got the drugs later.


Having my family in the birthing room to keep me company.

I had my family to keep me company. I played games on my phone and my husband was great about keeping me laughing. The epidural helped me get some rest as well. Just remember that woman have been doing this since the beginning of time. When the time comes, your nerves will settle down. Good luck and congratulations!!! :heart:

I wanted to do a natural birth and I was SO SCARED. I went into what I thought was labor, and went to the hospital. My nurse that night simply said, “You can do it. Your body was made to do it.” That was what I needed to hear. I didn’t have my baby that night, but a week later I was ready to go. And guess what? She was right. I did it.

You will do it too. You will do it with drugs or without, and your medical team will do their job too. Together, you will make it happen. Best wishes

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Ask about a c section


I was so nervous to have my first born and said I would rather have a C-section and they chuckled and said, “We try to avoid that.” I highly recommend an epidural and I was glad in the end that I didn’t have a C-section because all went well and when you see your baby it’s totally worth it. Best of luck to you.

Most importantly, trust your body. Remember that we are made to grow babies and give birth. Have trust that your body will do what it needs to do. Also, trust your doctor and nurses. If anything were to happen to prevent you from birthing naturally, remember that they know what they’re doing and they will safely get your baby out. Listen to your body. Even tho it’s something you’ve never done before, your instincts will kick in immediately and you’ll know what you have to do. Breathe and focus. Don’t worry about anything else or anyone else but you and baby. Focus on doing what you need to do, and what is most comfortable for you. I was terrified my first time(also due in 4 days with our second) but my mom kept telling me "you can do this. You are made to do this. And you will do this.) and it helped me a lot to keep that in my mind. I just kept repeating that to myself in my head that I can do this and I will do this. I labored for a lonnng time and pushed for about an hour and a half. I had my first daughter naturally with no pain meds. As much as it hurts, that pain is gone immediately as soon as baby is out. The contractions stop, the pain ends, and it’s smooth sailing after that. Once baby is out, everything else will seem pretty easy. Good luck, little mama. I wish a safe and easy delivery for you!

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The epidural got me through it :ok_hand:


Girl you’ll be fine ! I was scared too but I had a great team and also an epidural. I’m 6.5 months with my second and I’m ready to be done now lol. I can’t wait for birth, to get my body back and hold my little one in my arms. There’s nothing and I mean nothing to stress too much about. Make sure you’re prepared and let everyone take care of you :slight_smile:

Whatever it was that the lovely anesthestist gave me that made me not feel or remember anything :raised_hands: hubby rkns they said ketamine, I was having a massive panic attack so I didn’t hear anything lol

Honestly your body takes over, I’m quite an anxious person but throughout my labour I didn’t feel anxious I was too busy contracting and going with the flow of my body

Mine was scheduled c section. Nervous but best friend was with me and i was relaxed

Only time in my life I liked soft jazz, used to look at adorable baby clothes to make me smile, gentle exercise, walking, nesting, sleeping, time with friends, reading comforting prayers and poems, “What to Expect…” books, watching comedies.

At the hospital do whatever makes you more comfortable. Most staff is great & will help you through it all. Watch TV, talk to hubs & friends, do whatever relaxes you.

I’m half way through month 6 with my first and my instincts are doing a great job of telling me how to keep me and him safe and healthy and I have a feeling they will do the same during labor good luck hon just don’t rush them out do your body gets the trigger from baby it works better that way

They drugged me up pretty good with my first. 27 1/2 hours of labor 🤦

It’s super easy !! No swear girl!!

Honestly I was terrified too like panic attack terrified, but as soon as my water broke I immediately calmed down and just knew I got this and this is what needs to be done, and let my body and mind handle the rest. You got this!

You got this, yes it’s scary even if it’s not your first but your body knows what to do and it will.

I didn’t have any time to think about it. I had my son a month early and the day before I gave birth, I went to the hospital because I had bad back contractions. It went from just making sure everything was okay to “you’re having this baby in the next 12 hours.” I guess that calmed me down and I just had to tell myself I could do this.