How to ease nerves about being in labor?

Hi mommies I’m 32 weeks and this is my 2nd. My first just turned 2 in April. For some reason I’m so nervous about going into labor this time. Like what if I don’t make it to the hospital in time, what if I can’t make it in time to get The epidural. I’m just so nervous about making it and being at the hospital this time around. Any other moms feel or felt that way. :grimacing::flushed:


I was very worried but my 2nd labor was longer than my first and I definitely made it for the drugs lol

Without an epidural isnt the worst thing, ever. I had one, but my booster wore off. By the time I could find the nurse call button through the contractions, it was time to push and too late to get the booster of epidural. I thought I was going to die, but about an hour afterwards, it wasnt so bad. So just keep that in mind. Not having an epidural will not be the end of the world.

Delivering on the side of the road isn’t the worst thing in the world (speaking as a mom who had 2 side of the road births). Its amazing to catch your own baby!
Just brush up on what to do then you won’t be so stressed out about it.

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I mean I was terrified of going into labor with my second while my husband was at work (night shift at the time) I ended up goin into labor over the weekend and stayed at home until I was a minute apart.

I’m 23 weeks along and my first will be 6yrs old in July I’m super nervous about this one as well. Just hope everything goes as smooth as my first!

I had 5 and no meds. My oldest is 52 so that explains the lack of drugs. I always said after the first, if I can do it once, I can do it again! The first was 32 hours of awful back labor!

Im 21 weeks with my third and i feel like this

Im 30 weeks into my 2nd,and Im terrified of having a labor like my first one. 37 hours of not dilating,and back labor. Plus,my son is autistic and im going to be nervous to be away from him…:sob::sob::sob:

So what can you do to be less stressed? Meditate & breathe, make sure everything is packed and ready for the hospital, have some transportation options in place (hubs, other family, neighbor, friend, Uber, taxi). Maybe have friend w car stay w you near your due date so they’re right there. If you’re far from the hospital, move to a friend’s place or hotel that’s closer when your due date approaches.

If you’re too late for drugs, just know that in an hour or however long it will all be over & that you can stick it out that little bit of time (happened to me), & recovery is better. Labor for subsequent children usually is shorter, though, so don’t dawdle! Cheers on your new little one. :two_hearts:

I have 6 and I was like that every time. Twice I didn’t make it in time for any pain meds.

Ask your Dr about scheduling and induction. Have a backup ride in place just in case. Make sure everything is packed and ready to go. I took the epidural with both of mine and while my first labor was hell and a half, second go around wasn’t. I didn’t end up getting the epidural till I was 8 centimetres and I was only in labor 8 hours. It’ll all be ok :yellow_heart::yellow_heart: