How to ease teething pain in babies?

Im pretty sure my 3 1/2 month old son is teething already. Looking for tips and advice on how to help ease his discomfort. He hasn’t quite mastered hand-to-mouth coordination yet as far as being able to put teething toys in his mouth, but has figured out how to chew on his hands themselves. He also seems to hate anything frozen or even cold and he’s too young for any kind of baby orajel. I hold stuff in his mouth for him, but obviously can’t do that 24/7 and just looking for advice from mom’s of other early teethers. Thanks!


Someone mentioned teething mitts. You can also give some tylenol based on babies weight to ease some pain. There is also Camilia you can try thats homeopathic

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Camilia drops works amazing

Take drops of Tylenol on finger rub directly into gums where teeth are coming. INSTANT RELIEF


Teething mitten. It’s a mitten and it has a teether on it so he can chew on that

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Teething mitts, camilia tabs and Nuby makes an all natural gel and it comes with a funny shaped pacifier that you put a few dabs on and he can suck on. We swore by all 3 with our toddler and will be repeating with our twins when they’re at that stage also.

My son started teething at 2 months! We bought teething mittens and I actually would let me son chew on my pinky n I would rub his gums n give him a cooled nook (pacifier)

Avoid orajel it’s full of nasty chemicals even the baby one. My little one had teeth come through at this age and we just used cold cloths and freezer toys. Also if it gets so bad rub a little but of whiskey on the gums not gonna hurt the babe and plenty of people do this still

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Show him how to hold a teether while he’s sitting up in a bouncy seat stroller or walker. Prop him up if he hasnt learned to sit in those.

My son has been teething for about a month now and he’s 4 months. I dip my finger in vanilla and rub it on his gums. It has a teeny tiny amount of alcohol in it so it numbs his gums

Try rubbing some children’s chloraseptic spray- spay on your finger and put on his gums

My kids teethed very early and they didn’t like cold stuff also. They seemed to chew on their pacifiers. And also I gave them teething tablets. I dissolved them just enough to make a paste and rubbed it on their gums. My gma always used whiskey on her kids! I never tried that but she swore by it lol.

Thank you mamas! I’ve already been doing the vanilla and nuby gel and I will be getting some teething mitts and Camilia later thanks to your suggestions :heart:

you can get teethers that look like soothers, I got one at walmart called a razberry, munch mitts work well too, and camilia is a life saver, it’s all natural and homeopathic, I used all of these with my son, he started teething at 2 or 3 months


Hand mit teethers and camilia drops tylenol. And TIME. hang in there :heart:

Teething mitt saved my life

There are teething gloves u can get

Teething tablets that dissolved in the mouth worked wonders for my youngest and Tylenol

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Teething mitt for sure.

Give him some tylenol or baby advil

Get a wash cloth wet and let him chew on that…give some Tylenol and Motrin…go by the weight of your son and rotate between the 2 every 4 hours