How to file for divorce?

Has anyone filed for divorce? How do I go about it? Do I have to pay for the filing?


If it is uncontested you can go to court house and they have paperwork for you to fill out
I went online and printed off forms for my daughter

Contact your local legal aide

Talk to a solicitor aa it becomes involved.

You can get the forms online and print them. 2x, one for you, one for spouse. You both have to fill one out. Take to court house, pay the ridiculous fee. You’ll receive a letter via mail for your next step.

Depends on what state you live in. Google it, i live in Michigan and there was a book with all the papers and step by step instructions.

Call an attorney & go see them to begin the process. Speaking from experience, your soon-to-be former spouse is now on a need to know basis.

Depends on your state. Here in Wisconsin if you don’t have kids and have everything already divided up it’s legit only 50 bucks. But that’s if you both have everything sorted yourself with your soon to be ex partner

Sometimes they can wave it or lower the costs depending on the state

Look for legal aide in your state and apply. They will assign you a lawyer to help walk you through the whole process. It’s easier without children and a bunch of personal property but can be done with. Just go to courthouse and pick up paperwork for free. Fill it out and take back for filing. You’ll have to pay filing fees but shouldn’t be outrageous, maybe about $70-100.

Get an attorney. Do not do it yourself. Don’t do it together. Protect yourself and your children at all costs. Do not trust your spouse saying they will be fair and you two can work it out yourselves. Get. An. Attorney.


MA is $220 to file and $85 for a constable to serve your spouse. Depends on your situation. You can call The court house and ask. Every where usually has a daily advocate you can speak with. Or you can hire your own lawyer