How to find your cervix?

So, this may be tmi, but I I can’t seem to find my cervix. I tried for 5 minutes to find it but couldn’t. I have felt swollen for the past few days and somewhat bloated, I don’t think I am close to my period so I’m not sure why I’m having these symptoms. Any ideas as to why my lady parts are like this?

  • don’t mean this in a rude way * just curious why your looking for it ? Never heard of this before

Why are you trying to find your cervix? Its just the opening to your uterus. It has nothing to do with your bloating.


I didnt even know you could find your own cervix


Women use the feel of the cervix to judge where they are in the cycle. Used for trying to conceive.
Try squatting if you can’t reach, you should find it then


Could be pregnant…I believe your cervix closes tighter and moves up when pregnant.

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I’m not sure why you’d want to, but you may have a deep cervix

I think my man is the only one that can find my cervix. :joy:


Why are your lady parts like this? :thinking: Probably because you keep trying to find your cervix and win’t leave it alone :woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:


I’m pregnant and have checked myself a few times and a few times I haven’t felt mine either

I have never heard of this but here is a link that may help you
Here ya go…

You need the metal duck and a mirror! :face_with_monocle:


Some women have a high up cervix naturally, regardless of where they are in their cycle. It all depends on how your uterus sits. For instance, my cervix is high and tilted towards my spine. I couldn’t feel it if I wanted to and my gyn always has a bit of difficulty visualizing it for exams. If you are concerned, though, you should probably call your doctor.


A new method, that’s more natural is this method. Keeping track of your cervix and knowing when your ovulating. Also women use this to help conceive. Really every woman should know where they are and how they feel. If something was to change you can notify you dr. Catch cancer before your pap is due. Anything. Knowing your body shouldn’t be shamed. Some of these comments are ridiculous really.


Wait, huh? I thought you only need to check your cervix when ur pregnant?

I have no helpful advice (no clue!) but I thought the comments on this site were required to be respectful and helpful, or the person who runs the page would step in. If you don’t understand or don’t want to discuss a certain topic, it’s okay to just move on in your feed. This is supposed to be a place where you can ask advice without judgement. I mean, most of them are, but why do some people find it necessary to try to make a person feel bad about asking a question. She just wants an honest answer. People teasing about it isn’t helpful.


So this is the weirdest question ever, but to answer, some people have a really high cervix. When I was in labour, they had to call in a male doctor to find it cause his fingers were longer

High cervix usually mean ovulation or pregnant. High and open cervix, ovulation. High and closed pregnancy.


Stop digging in your vagina! Why are u doing that??? Wtaf???

I thought the doctor had to use forceps to get to your cervix?

Why is anyone trying to feel their cervix ? Ummm this can cause many diffrent things but foremost infections IDC how many time u wash ur hands there is many diffrent things we still carry on our skin am un our pores. An doing so while pregnant is very risky! Your cervix is there they dont just fall out if u are concerned see your Dr. Dont play Doctor!

I didn’t know women go looking for it?


Mine have always been high up when I would go in for the yrlys and pregnancy checks. Your positioning may not be the best for it and sometimes you rlly need to get up there.

Why are you wanting to check :thinking:


Yes. Women check their cervix position and there are apps to help monitor it. There are a variety of reasons why someone would be feeling for their cervix.
Wash your hands and be quick then wash again.
The most common reason I’ve seen is fertility

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Well if u are pregnant it would be high up soft and closed lol

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What in the what? Did it go on a stroll up the road? :flushed: if you’re that concerned why don’t you go to the doctor instead of asking FB for advice about your wondering cervix.


Squat and bear down. That’s how I check my IUD strings.

What in the name of good god…I’m all for self care but who is checking their cervix :scream::person_tipping_hand: only people ever checked mine was my midwives :joy:


Are you a nurse or doctor?

Well that’s a new one :joy:never lost my cervix before. Wtf?