How to fix a relationship after having someone else's baby?

How do I fix my relationship after having someone else’s baby?

So a little back story, I’ve been with the same guy for 10 years since we were 16. At the beginning of last year we went through a really rough patch and I moved out, we ended things so we could figure out what we both really wanted. Well during that 3 month break, I hooked up with someone else and ended up pregnant by that other guy. Me and my boyfriend ended up getting back together shortly after finding out I was pregnant. He was there the entire pregnancy, while she was born, has his last name and he even named her. The whole time he kept saying it doesn’t matter biological, that’s his daughter and etc. Her biological father has never wanted anything to do with her and basically denies her. Fast forward to now, my daughter is 15 months old and ever since she was 4 months old. Me and my bf have had alot of problems, mostly centering around how I ruined us by getting pregnant by another man. We also have been trying for our own but no luck. At first he treated her amazing and wanted her to call him dad. But lately he doesn’t even want to be in the same room as us, he gets jealous if I show my own daughter attention or especially if someone says how beautiful she is, he just keeps saying how could I do that to him & he will look stupid if he stays and raises someone else’s baby. I’ve been so understanding throughout this and accountable for my actions and how I hurt him. But it’s not like this is something he just found out, he has known from the beginning. I just am at a loss what to do. I want us to be a family but I’m also afraid this did ruin us and concerned he will never accept her as she deserves to be and love her as she should be. I don’t want to leave him but I don’t know how to make this any better. I do not regret my daughter nor who her dad is because she wouldn’t be who she is if her father was different. Any advice is appreciated. I love him but I love my daughter more and I know she deserves someone as a father figure that truly wants to be her dad.

Honestly… I would leave. Your relationship is important but your baby is more important. It’s not her fault that she’s here, & no matter what she deserves to have someone who loves her the way you do.

Thank you. I feel like in my heart it’s what I need to do, as painful as it is. I never want her to grow up thinking someone doesn’t accept her over something she has no control over. It’s almost like he wants me to regret her and has even said “I should be the only important person in your life.” Also that he gets jealous of her. I wouldn’t change anything. It all happened for a reason & if he cannot accept her and be someone in her life that loves her like I do then that’s something that can’t be ignored. I just wish it didn’t hurt this bad.