How to fix a relationship?

Have any of you been in a relationship where your husband was sweet for like 4-5 years before getting married, then literally, the minute you got married, it stopped? Mine was the sweetest man on the planet and now he doesn’t do anything romantic (hasn’t since before the wedding). I can’t get him to go on a honeymoon we never got (it’s been 8 years) and he forgot our anniversary this year. Just curious.


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He’s not abusive per say, but can have a mean demeanor about him. I don’t feel appreciated at all and he isn’t sensitive to my needs/feelings. Also How do you deal with the constant let downs?

If he isnt abusive… Try to do something nice for him thst speaks to his love language… it may be he is loving you according to his love language which is VERY likely the opposite of yours…

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