How to fix a relationship?

I’ve been with my husband 5 years married 4. We have two kids together. But it feels like we are fighting. I love him and him and I even through out divorce but neither of us want that. So my question is when will the arguing dial back? Because I’ve heard that after 5-7 years that’s when it comes down.


Just keep fighting for eachother mine and I do the same and we’ve been to gather 7 yrs going on 8 as long as it’s not abusive towards one or the other

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Have y’all tried therapy?


Would you be better off without him around? Maybe someone can move out until you figure it out,still can co parent.

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Have you tried to figure out what exactly you are even fighting over? Is it bills? Stress at work? It’s always easier to take frustration out on the one you love.

Around like 7 for us :joy::joy::joy:

Depends on the way you are as a couple. I’ve never heard of this 5-7 yr thing your talking about some argue all the time some barely at all… Learning how to effectively talk to eachother and when to back off is important.

Think of each others feelings and compromise with each other remember yall are a team dont walk jn front or behind each other but beside each other

You guys just need to pick your battles wisely. Watch your attitudes and tones. Surely there are many things you argue about that are so insignificant… Just let that stuff slide and don’t even argue about it. It will get better.

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Just “fighting” or arguing isn’t reason for a divorce. If he’s abusive in any shape or form including mentally or emotionally that’s different. All married couples fight, even the happiest of couples!!

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If he is a good man then FIGHT FOR Y’all!!! Your Marriage IS IMPORTANT!!! If it were me, I would look up books that help me deal with me and what part I contribute or take away from the Marriage… Prayers for y’all! JESUS can and will heal Your Marriage! Doesn’t sound like its broken… Its WORTH FIGHTING for!

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You need a day with out the kids to talk. And if you start feeling heated or you guys start arguing you need to take a time out breathe say something you love about each other. And continue. Keep it to , I feel statements. Avoid you never or you always sentences because that makes people defensive.
But dont fall into the no communication pitfall keep talking. Go on dates. Do thing you would do at the beginning of your relationship that made you guys fall in love.

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It dials back when you stop arguing and communicate to find resolutions to the issues.

Its you two against the problem, not you two against each other.


My mom n dad been together 46 years …still going ! So good luck .

The arguing stops when you stop…

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Everyone goes through fighting times. Been with my hubby for 12 years and about every 4 to 5 years we have hit a time where we argue a lot. Maybe you can try counseling if it’s just too bad.

Me and my husband have been together going on 7 years and we rarely argue. Effective communication is important.

Gotta communicate !, sit down and find out what the problem is and Calmly talk it out !..& never go to bed mad at each other…been married 33 years

The first 5 years of marriage are always the hardest and the years where you will argue the most and this is because y’all are new to the relationship and it takes 5+ years to truly get to know your partner 100%. The arguments will subside after 5 years so whatever you do try not to talk about divorce unless it’s something serious like cheating or abuse.