How to fix a relationship?

My husband and I have been together for eight years (we are both in our early thirties). Our sex life was amazing up until about 2 1/2 years ago; it slowly started to decline while I was pregnant. At first, it started with a month in between and then several months; now, we’ve only had sex two times in the past year. We have talked about it a few times; he even went to the doctor last year. She told him that he didn’t need a supplement and that it was normal for a couple’s sex life to slow down after a baby. The thing is, my husband has never lost a night’s sleep or his alone time since our little one has come along, not much has changed for him, yet he is the one who’s never interested. He says he prefers spontaneous sex not planned, never been an issue in the past. We never had a “scheduled sex day,” but it wasn’t always spontaneous in the past either. His doctor told him if we didn’t make time for the two of us a priority that we wouldn’t survive this. At one point, I considered he was struggling with depression; he’s been in therapy for three years and has even tried anti-depressants that he decided he didn’t want to continue talking because he didn’t benefit from them. I know from time to time he does look at porn; that’s never been an issue to me until he started to reject any of my advances. We hadn’t shared a bedroom since before our daughter was born (even though I’ve begged him plenty over the past two years, he always had an excuse as to why he slept on the couch, now he has completely moved into one of our spare bedrooms and I’ve fully given up on us ever sharing a bed or cuddling again) different bedrooms also means there is never a chance for “spontaneity” which he says he prefers. I feel like we’re nothing more than roommates at this point. We never discuss our sex life or lack thereof anymore because it doesn’t change anything. I don’t know what to do anymore. I am only human, and I have needs; although the no sex is huge, I also just miss being held, I miss cuddling, I miss the human connection. I don’t want to split our entire family up, but I’m also not happy at all. He’s perfectly content like this, and I believe because he’s ok with it, he thinks I am too, but I’ve clearly expressed to him that I am not he just doesn’t want to hear it. I’ve learned to manage day-to-day living like this, but I also spend a lot of time crying myself to sleep. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.