How to fly with a toddler?

Has anyone flown with a toddler before? (She’s 2 but will be 3 August) I’ve never flown by myself (last time I did I was 13 and with family) any tips or tricks to make it a smooth trip? We fly at the end of the month


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Pack a fun bag mine had color book and colored crayons a favorite snack and a toy also bring something to help with ear popping we did gummy

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I’m flying Wednesday with my 2 year old and 7 year old, if you feel comfortable messaging me I’ll tell you everything :joy:. Last time I flew with my kids was before covid and I only had 1 so I don’t think my experience is recent enough to give advice. But like I said, we fly on Wednesday with Delta and I can give advice afterwards.

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Using a stroller helps,have a bag with activities and a tablet pack snacks in the bag

Gummy worms during take off and landing were a life saver. Tablet is a must.

Don’t let them eat or sleep before you get on the plane then feed them and let them take a nap. Take chewing gum for their ears and something for them to look at or color

We recently did this with our 2 year old and stickers were our lifesaver!! Her father and I were covered in stickers by the end of the flight but that’s ok it kept her quiet! Lol

Car seat, blanket, download her favorite shows, games, or movies on a tablet or phone.

Give her a sucker before takeoff and landing to help her with her ears. Bring snacks.

Do not check in the car seat, gate check it or use it on the plane instead.

Yes… I flew with a young child before. My ex-husband and I were coming back to the States from his tour of duty in Okinawa. You want to try to save one carry-on for just baby stuff. You’ll need to bring a sippy cup, some quiet toys she really likes, a couple of her favorite books, a stuffed animal, and a favorite blanket. As soon as you get on the plane, ask the flight attendant to put juice or something in the sippy cup. You’ll want your daughter sucking on that on take-off to help her ears pop. That’s always a problem with little ones. Babies are almost easier, they usually have a bottle or pacifier and that helps. (She’s too young for chewing gum.That’s what I used.) Once you’re in the air you can get the toys out. I’d bring a mix of favorites and brand new stuff. Familiar and “wow! Cool!” You can read to her. And the stuffed animal will make a great pillow… while you have a blanket. I was reading this article that said not to use the airplane pillows and blankets. They are never washed. This came from a flight attendant. Anyway… that’s about all you can do. You’re going to have some problems with the baby being bored. She’s going to want to run around the plane. This will bug the other passengers. So will her crying. You didn’t say how long the flight was. Our flight was halfway around the world. I’m going to presume you aren’t going quite that far. Good luck.

Flown many times, bring a cheap stroller (go from gate to gate) snacks, games, color books, small toys, fav stuffed animal and blankey. Try and sched early morning or late night flight and wear em out before hand!

Try to keep her from napping until you get on the flight

Make up their own carry on bag filled with lots of finger snacks, a tablet with preloaded games & videos, a couple favorite books to read together, coloring books & crayons, a small pillow & light blanket.
My daughter flies to Florida with my grandson quite often & he is always very good on the plane as long as he has entertainment.

Also you can keep them in the stroller all the way to boarding the plane & the flight attendant will put the stroller by the door to grab for easy exit. & Always use the preboarding as it’s much easier to get settled before everyone else gets on, & sit as close to the front as possible for an easier exit.

Travelled with mine from 5 months. Take a bag of snacks, new toys, colouring book/pencils etc. Juice for take off and landing to help with changes in pressure and even if fully toilet trained consider pullups…often you cant get in on time with a little one

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Lots of snacks, new to her fun easy things to do on the plane.
Car seat on plane and foldable wagon

I checked in the car seat first and took the stroller all the way to the gate. Sucky part with the stroller is you have to take baby and everything off to get it through security. So sometimes it’s easier carrying a personal bag and toddler🤷🏻‍♀️ Lots of snacks, (fruit snacks are good to help with the ear popping) a coloring book, some toys. Try not to overpack because you’ll be the one carrying it all lol also if they aren’t potty trained, put a fresh diaper before getting on to avoid having to get up. My 2 year old slept the whole time I got lucky.

Whatever toys coloring books books to read dolls whatever it is buy new go to the dollar store and buy some specially little things for her that she doesnt see till u are on the plane. I always had there little carryon bag usually one of those tiny back packs for toddlers…packed with dollar store treasures and had them carry it everything that came in bag went back in bag just that bag and it stayed that way for the trip I usually only let them play with the stuff well traveling when we got to destination it was put up till we head back.

Amy Moor maybe some of these will help you out.

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Practice so she knows what to expect. Don’t try to pass her as an infant traveling on your lap. I’ve seen people try and it was problematic for all. Bring snacks.

Make sure they have something to constantly chew to help the ears popping

Pack snacks, toys, and activities to keep busy