How to fully potty train boys?

Mom of 5 year old boy. We’ve been potty trained since my baby was 3, but we’re having problems when it comes to his number 2. Sometimes he has strieks, and other times comes home with what looks like he took his finger and scratched at it and wiped it all over his clothes. He tells me he poops in his hand and puts it in the potty ,Has any other mom experienced this. Any advice to help or what to tell him other than being the nasty thing in the world is?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to fully potty train boys?

Have him wipe with wet wipes or baby wipes


My 4 year old will poop in his pull up then proceed to take it out to throw in toilet like why don’t u just go on toilet in the first place. Hevsas toilet is scary

Have him use baby wipes.
You may have to wipe him after.
I rewarded both my boys with a prize box with lots of goodies when they did ( filled with stickers, temporary tattoos, cars, pencils, crayons, play dough, slime, )
Also encourage it, and be positive about it. Tell him, you did a good job! Things like that.

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Maybe he is just using his finger to help get it out. I have to sometimes but of course I put a glove on


Maybe a constipation issues.


Use baby wipes or flushable,but tell him they are big boy wipes.

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First he needs to learn how to wipe, if you get flushable wipes they really are not good to flush. Then teach the importance of washing his hands after going potty.


I was told that sometimes little boys have a real fear when it comes to sitting and pushing. They can feel like part of them is “falling out of them” and it scares them…my son had issues and it helped by sitting in there with him, we also took his favorite toy and when he went we propped his toy up on the big potty so they went together. He was super excited when he was able to have his “friend” there and we hyped up when he did go! Tons of high fives and him showing everyone he went to the potty! Lol

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Good luck. My first born was super easy. That second born… his dad had to spend a full weekend hanging out in the bathroom. Because he was so stubborn, we would make progress, then 10 steps back.

My 3 year old tries to aim at pot and pees all over shower curtain and trash:( one day it will all be ok

Did you say 5? May want to see a specialist with this here.


Is it only happening at school? Every year we have K students that are afraid to use the bathroom for various reasons…it’s too loud, echoes too much, makes a loud sound hitting the water.

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My son was potty trained really early we started with pee on the tree or tire or whatever we pottier trained at 18konths during summer. As for number 2 I would take him to the bathroom with me and make funny faces when we would push and his dad would as well. He’s 4 now and runs to the bathroom on his own. And calls us to wipe him. It’s still a daily reminder to wash his hands


Sounds like he’s lacking some vitamins.

In his hand? That’s a behavior.

Has he had the flu lately and had diarrhea in the past? He may need a good prebiotic added to get his bowels back on track to be normal and soft.

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He’s probably constipated. I worked with a special needs person that would try to scoop it out with his finger (or try to) because he couldn’t get it to come out. Try adding some more water/fruit/prunes to his diet if this is the case.


“We’ve been potty trained since my baby was 3”?

OK, he was 3. How old were you? :slightly_smiling_face:

Tell him being curious is normal but it’s just not something that people do. Ask him what is happening, is he having a hard time pooping? If he’s holding it bc he doesn’t want to ho at school try finding a way with his teacher to ease that uncomfortable feeling about it.