How to gain weight while pregnant?

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Hey… Any Remedies for underweight mom to be??
Please any advice :pray:
I do get supplements from clinic but surely not a fan of it…
In deff in need of any remedies
PS: No rude comments! Any advice will help me.
Thanx in advance dear mommas☺

Drink some porridge every morning, that will have you gain weight. Look up cornmeal porridge.

Underweight my whole life. Only time I ever gain weight is when I’m pregnant lol. Eat lots of nuts, seeds, avocado, and carbs. Potatoes, rice, bread, etc. Just eat A LOT lol


Prenatals and lots of oatmeal!

You need a fortisip drink they have lots of calories, also duocal which is a powder you add to food and drinks to double the calories of what ever you add it too. Both are only available on prescription so you would need to see you doctor

Eat alot of avocado, oatmeal and bread.

I was 89 pounds when I got pregnant with my son, I was so sick I kept losing weight but the doctor told me to eat a small snack every 2 hours and don’t skip any, it helped.

Can you drink protein shakes, my friend is doing that right now and gaining weight.

Don’t skip breakfast, have healthy snacks in between meals and eat foods that have heart healthy fat in them such as oatmeal avocados yogurts, eat cheese and whole grain bread etc. Lean meats have lots of protein as well

Power foods with healthy fats, smoothies, and for sure oatmeal with toast. Eat it every day with some fruit n sugar mixed in. Take prenatals

Scrambled eggs and cheese! :slight_smile:

Eat everything that don’t walk away from you :woman_shrugging:

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When I wasnt gaining enough weight I was told bread, pasta and peanut butter would all help!

I was maybe 100 pounds when i was pregnant. I just kept eating. Foods with high carbs help amazingly and make sure not over doing it on exercise. I couldnt gain weight my entire life but when i was pregnant it came easy after the first trimester. If you’re early in pregnancy and your not gaining its ok.most of the weight is gained in the 2nd and 3rd trimester

I weighed 85 lbs when I got pregnant with my first. My dr never said anything about it honestly but I gained 37 lbs by the time I had him. Only time I ever gain weight is when I’m pregnant it seems

I just had a week of birthday parties where I ate way way too much cupcakes and ice cream and brownies… I gained 3 lbs over what my OB wanted :woman_shrugging:t3::rofl:

Peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk nightly

I was 120 when i got pregnant. Border line anerixic. Lots of steak, burgers and prenatals. Gained 105 pounds but had the healthiest preemie in the hospital💁

Eat cake icing, friend if mines pediatrician told her she needed to put on weight told her to eat cake icing