How to gain weight?

Hey, Mama’s!

I am 3 months postpartum and i am the smallest i have been in 5 or so years. I havent been below 150lbs since i was maybe 14 years old and i have no idea what to do to help gain some weight back. I have tried so much! Before pregnancy i was 172 lbs, when i gave birth i was 174 lbs… i am now sitting at 135lbs. I lost a total of 25lbs during the first trimester due to severe morning sickness and dehydration. I cant eat more than once a day and when i do eat, i have to force my body to keep it down. Is there any other mommas that instead of gaining a bunch of weight after birth you lost a bunch and cant seem to eat, if so, what did you do to help? I continue to drop weight and i now am worried for my health. The doctors see no cause for concern and i just need advice because i feel my body hating this!


Weight train and protein.

I would suggest having your thyroid checked. Lots of women have issues with their thyroid after birth.


Give your body more time. 2 months post baby isnt a long time. Eat what you can, if you can handle protein drinks try those. If you’re really worried and feel that something is wrong then go to another doctor. Track all your symptoms and demand testing


It took me like 2 years to get back to what I was. I’m a lot bigger than you too so everyone took it was a good thing.
I went from a 22/24W to a 12.
I dropped 40 first trimester (wasn’t sick, I was eating) and didn’t gain the rest of the pregnancy.
It will come back.

I wasn’t gaining enough during my pregnancy until I started drinking chocolate milk. That helped a lot

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If your worried theres always a 2nd opinion​:woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

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I wonder if you might be sensitive to something you’re eating? Like dairy or gluten? Just a thought! I would be more worried about not being able to enjoy food and keep it down than the # on the scale.

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Go to a gastro doctor. They can run tests to make sure your body is digesting food at the rate it is suppose to be.

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I kept dropping- i was 180 before preg got to 198 at delivery 2 weeks pp I was 168 4 weeks pp 159 went today says i was 183–
I have no appetite but what I do eat is junk… ice cream, chips I have to forcd myself to actually eat give it time. Just trt carb foods, breads etc

Yes!! No one understands the real struggle of being to skinny. Try drinking and ensure with every meal to double up on calories. They also sell supplements at gnc like weight gainer and such just check with your Dr 1st if breastfeeding

It will go back to normal, I’d have your thyroid checked but if you’re breastfeeding it’s SOO important to try to eat… BF takes everything you have and more

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I don’t know your height or much information but I’m 5’5" and 135 is my like “good weight.” I’m healthy. Feel good. Look good. Are you weak? Feeling sick? Look gaunt. I don’t see anything wrong with being 135 lbs. Unless you’re unhappy and want more curves in that case weight lifting, lots of protein, squats, lunges, ect. That way you’re gaining muscle and strength which should help you feel more yourself and good. Best of luck!

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I had the same thing happen to me. After both pregnancies I lost a lot of extra weight although I had no problem with it. Lol. But I could NOT eat after both pregnancies. I ended up at ER after my first and with my second, I was prepared for it to happen again so I stocked up on those ensure shakes. It was the only thing I could put in my stomach. Your appetite should come back after a few days.

Before I had my oldest daughter I was thicker, had curves, boobs the works. I gained over 60lbs during the pregnancy and weighed 208 days before giving birth. 3 months after giving birth I was down to 130 and skinny as a rail. No boobs no curves :pensive: I toned and maintained my weight with lots of fatty foods. My 2nd daughter I got to 160 lost it all on the table and I have struggled for the past 9 years to get above 125.
I get snarky remarks about being a drugy (which is the farthest thing from the truth) or how nice it must be to eat whatever and whenever I want and not gain a ounce. In fact it sucks. I try to put pounds on. I have tried working out, eat healthy or lots of junk. Thyroid has been check numerous times, nothing abnormal there. But My matabliziom is the problem. Since having kids it works nonstop. My body burns whatever I eat 3-4 times faster that most. I have been reccomended high protein, starch and fiber diets.
Just remember pregnancy messes with our bodies in ways we will never truly understand. And each of our bodies react and recover differently.

depends on your height but I agree w the post above - 135 isn’t an unhealthy weight for a woman at all. Plus - how do you feel? Tired lethargic - then a doctor. Just too skinny - then maybe an adjustment in thinking :relaxed:

If it’s not normal for you, try an ER or second opinion.