How to gain weight?

Fan question: I’m 18 have a 1 year old and I weigh nothing. I’ve been trying to gain weight but it doesn’t work and i dont have a fast metabolism either. I’m currently 80 pounds and 4’10 even after my baby. Any advice?


Damn sugar. We’s gotta feed you some soul food.

Foods with good fats might help. Like nuts and avocados.

I’m in the same boat. I am 19 with a one year old and I’m 5’6”, weigh 110. Fast metabolism as well.

I hate you!! Haha, jk. Seriously, try ensure or boost. First make sure there isn’t a medical reason why you aren’t gaining weight.


take some of mine :joy::joy::joy:


My daughter is 16 and also 4’10 and 80 pounds. It’s just her genetics. The doctors have done tests just to rule out any medical issues. I’d talk to your doctor but it just may be how you are suppose to be and that’s okay.

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Honey, just love yourself :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ensure… surprisingly enough, my mom gained weight on slim fast (I’m guessing just because of the added calories). I had an issue with keeping weight on when my son was a toddler, it was health related. Be sure to check in with your doctor also

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Spoons of straight peanut butter
Eat some carbs
Do some muscle building exercises

Lift weights - muscle is more dense than fat. Download a fitness app, enter your goal and follow the meal plan/calorie ratios it gives you. A quick Google search came up with this calculator:

Drink boost or ensure. They really taste good. It will help woth protein and such

Protein shakes, lots of peanut butter and breads. Protein bars.

5’1" and 100lbs. Double calories, protein shakes, ensure. Foods high in good fat. I can’t gain but it’s helping me maintain. Have you had your thyroid checked? My thyroid has always been messed up. It is hyperactive so it’s difficult to gain weight. If you haven’t, I would have it checked. They can give you meds. I had to take them when I was pregnant to gain. If I go under 100lbs I have to go back on them per docs orders. Good luck!

Im 29, have had 3 kids and only weigh 105 and I’m 5’8… everyone’s body is different. Unless it effects your health I wouldn’t worry about it.

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People actually want gain weight? That’s a thing?


Girls be grateful if your healthy and weigh little cause once you hit near the end of your 20s you’ll be wishing you didn’t complain about your weight. Life has a funny way of catching up especially your body so enjoy eating and being thin. Once you get older you can’t look at food without it putting 10pounds on you!


Make sure your not hyper thyroid.

As long as ur dr says ur good dnt wrry abt it. Ur skinny cuz god made u that way. Dnt let haters bring u dwn.

My middle sister is 4’6 before she had her two kids she weight 80 pounds. Before I had mine I was 165 went up 200 back down to 125

I’ll give you some of mine. Enjoy what you have maybe add little snacks when you can

I’m 32 and weigh 95 pounds on a good day lol
My oldest was a natural birth and and my twins were a c section and i kept 0 weight on
If you feel good, and your Dr isn’t worried, and you try your best to keep healthy habits don’t waste your head space on it
I literally wasted my best/youngest years being so worried about my weight and all it did was create and unhealthy obsession on body image
I’m a grown was women! Lol it’s insane that I spent so much of my life worried about ppls comments about my weight, but you gotta remind yourself that it takes a real classless person to ever comment on another person’s weight
If you feel good try your best to remind yourself that that is all that matters​:heart::heart:

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I’m 5’9 and 117. I don’t gain weight easily. Carby food helps.

Girl I feel you! I’m 5ft and just hit 100 when I was pregnant . I was 87 before. Then I hit 160 during my pregnancy. Then now I’m loosing weight all over again. I’m 3 months pp and I’m already 109… I have kept steady at 120 since 1m pp. but idk what’s happening. Kinda nervous about it. I don’t have any tips. I’m sorry. You’re beautiful either way. But I do understand where you’re coming from!

Try protein shakes mixed with whole milk, or as silly as it may sound, pediasure grow & gain

Eat Roman noodles peanut butter eggs drink whole Milk and lots of dairy products

Eat more nuts and hearty meals. Wrkout

My sister found eating more protein and doing weight training helped gain some muscle. Though you sound like you are a pretty decent weight for your height

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If thats your healthy weight embrace it girl otherwise consult your doctor some people are just small though and thats okay :heart:

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Go to the doctor and get your thyroid checked. Truthfully this can happen even if you are healthy. I have had 5 children and I weigh 100 lbs. I have tried for YEARS to gain weight and nothing has worked. I went to the doctor to make sure I was okay, they did a bunch of blood tests just to tell me I’m completely healthy, I just can’t keep weight on.

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Day healthy fats, high proteins lift weights. Go to Dr probably thyroid my cousin cousin weight either… But she was tall, but she ate anything she wanted.

Stress could have a hug part in it. Not saying you are stressed but if you are that could be part of the reason why. Talk to you dr. You could be at the weight for your height.

It shows up around 50 don’t worry


I’m 5’10” and I’m 33 and weigh 124lbs don’t feel bad. No matter what I do, I cannot gain weight. I also had 4 kiddos

Have your thyroid checked. Eat carbs. And be a :potato: 4 days a week. Active the other 3.

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I’m GREAT at gaining weight. I can give great advice on losing I just never follow through with my own advice on the loss part. :joy::joy:

Don’t overdo on sugars though, if you go the carb and starch way. You can also gain my building muscle. That’s probably the healthier way to do so. Sugars will all store in the mid section and then you’ll be looking like you have two asses (honestly, I’m not poking fun I’m speaking from my current physical state and the reasons why)

Honey don’t worry about gaining weight as long as you’re healthy. I’m 5 foot 1 weigh 90 lb and I’m in my forties. I’ve always been tiny I have two children that are perfectly healthy so don’t worry about it😉

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Little Debbie cakes puts weight on me.

Protein shakes and lots of bread


Best person to discuss this with is your doctor.

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Try carnationinstant drinks

Ensure and Boost are good

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Maybe get your thyroid levels checked! I still have trouble gaining weight (I only weighed 128 at 5’2” when I was going in to be induced with my son in April) and it’s due to my thyroid levels… wishing you luck!


I would talk to your doctor I mean some people are naturally thin but they can also give advice and tell you if it’s normal for you

Shoootttttt… get a bendie straw and come see me… I’ll hook ya up with some fat!

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Lots of protein. You can even try just protein powder.

I’m 24 and had 3 babies I’ve always struggled to gain weight and even though I have gained ever so slightly abd the heaviest I’ve ever been it’s still not much, some people just don’t gain weight very well our genetic makeup contributes a lot to it x

I love the “just eat this” comments :joy::joy::woman_facepalming: That doesnt work for high metabolism people.

Girl as long as your pcp says you’re healthy I wouldnt worry about it.

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Nobody Is ever happy, I was small once too and thought the same now that I’m on my 4th child I wish I could go back to that size trust me, be happy with yourself you are still young.

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When I was younger I tried everything to gain weight because ppl automatically assume you don’t eat. Ensure, weight gainer, carbs, you name it. Everyone said once I get older, I’ll pack on pounds. Im 40, 3 kids, 1 of which I just had in December. Still small. Only thing that does put a little weight on me is beer. Im not suggesting that lol. Just saying, I completely understand.

Ensure shakes, Naked Juice

Bell curves exist because we aren’t all the same. Consider yourself luckier than many in myriad ways. My 2 cents

Just be happy with yourself. You have a baby but you are lucky to look young still… I mean, most ladies get fat and all after babies but us lucky ladies just remain the same. I’m 5"8 with a one year old and weigh only 99lbs… everybody tells me that I should put on a little fat. But I’m really grateful to be this way. It’s easier to get around and do everything with a toddler … just embrace yourself sister​:two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

Lift weights and track calories. Trust me! This is me in 2016 and again in 2018.

Ask your doctor for MEGACE (Megestrol) helped me gain 35 lbs after my cancer/hysterectomy. It’s a steroid/ hunger pill. It works but you have to eat allot you’ll want to cuz the pill tho lolz

You could have an over active thyroid

Protein drinks that’s what I do I get mine at Walmart