How to get a baby to slow down while they eat?

I have a 6 week old who is constantly guzzling her bottles. I’ve tried stopping her and burping more often but find she still after a feed is uncomfy cause she has a lot of wind. Any advice on what to do?


Take the bottle every oz and burp her
She’ll be ok with paced feeding
She may fuss or cry but babies need burped so their belly’s don’t get upset


What nipplw size are you using . You may need to go to slow flow .

They make nipples with slower flow. Try that. Or talk to her dr because she might be going through a growth spurt.

i use preemie nipples…she sucks them flat but less air

Get slow flow nipples. And make sure there’s not any tears in it.


Slower nipple. Burp after every ounce.

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Check nipple flow size…burp every oz to 2 oz and iv found stirring my bottle instead of shakin it helps reduce the air bubbles in the bottle…but id advise slowin down the flow intake…burping more often and tryin to avoid extra air if possible. Some say it doesnt matter but i noticed a difference in my babies response to a stirred bottle vrs a shaken bottle…also when burping…make sure you get a good burp or even a few…dont give up gettin that burp and try different methods and see what works best…my daughter burped way easier and often when i laid her on my knees and bounced alil and rub/pat her backor booty…she was almost impossible to burp propped up on my shoulder…

My baby is 6 weeks and breastfeeds 3.5/4oz at a time and it takes her 30 minutes.
If you can pace the feeding an Oz per 10 minutes with burping and feeding her sitting up it should help

Take the bottle away after an ounce or so, burp, and resume. This way she’s less likely to burp up her meal.

Gripe water good before bottle

I would get a slower flow nipple, like a newborn flow. She’s eating too fast. Also, it’ll piss her off but, burp her after every ounce. It’ll help a ton with gas.

Use a slower paced nipple stop every ounce of 3 to burp or try switching bottle types completely.

Pace feed her all her bottles. She may be going into a growth spurt but if she’s getting a lot of air it could be seriously upsetting her little tummy.

All my babies went right to a full bottle around a months time. Just feed baby

My son did this all the time low flow nipples had to get a few because sometimes they tear but it helped

Get a new nipple with a smaller hole…that way she doesnt get as mjch. It slows it down. Burp every 2 oz is good too. Dont shake the bottle too much either. It causes many air bubbles to form inside. Just stir it really well and feed it to her. Once shes done eating…have her sitting up, not laying down. Just like us, laying down rightbafter a big meal can make ur tummy upset.