How to get a child to take their medicine?

My three year old son was diagnosed with a double ear infection and pneumonia yesterday. They gave him Augmentin. He will not take it, and will throw up Everytime I try to give it to him. I’ve tried mixing it with stuff, still the same outcome. He hates the taste! What can I do to kind of hide the taste of it? I really need the help yall!


I give him the medicine and then give him his favorite snack works with my daughter every time. Or see if the dr can switch it out

Have you tried pudding? I know it’s hard when they are throwing it up but my doctor told me even if they can just stomach it for a few minutes they are still getting some kind of medicine. If it get to be too much and he gets dehydrated take him in and have them give him an IV and see if they will do IV meds

Have you asked your ped if there is a different med that would work?

I had the same problem when mine was three. I took her back and they gave her a shot.