How to get a service dog?

Does anybody knows how to get an emotional support animal for a 6 year old boy and a 10 year old girl With disabilities? And what do you have to do to get one i really need one for my kids my son having a rough time in school and at home.


Please message ‘Banner, Superhero Service Dog’- she is an amazing woman and I’m sure will be happy to answer any questions you may have about a possible service dog. I’m sure she is much more educated on the subject than most people on Facebook.

If it’s for emotional support, get the animal (usually a cat or dog) and then talk to their pediatrician about getting a letter stating the animals are emotional support animals. I have 2 cats, one for me and one for my daughter. If it’s for another service type, u can get them registered online I believe. Ask the pediatrician.

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Just wondering do schools allow the children to bring their emotional support animal into the school itself?

Its best to get a letter from their Primary Care Provider or if they see a therapist you can get one from them also my son has an ESA dog and they are great together…

Talk to a doc or therpist this is my emotional support animal she helps with my anxiety

Facebook search southern roc airdales. She donates puppers💚

They cost $20,000+ find someone who train dogs in your area. If you get a dog or cat from agency and for some reason you can’t use it you have to give it back it is not yours. Find a dog trainer Rescue a dog and you your child and the trainer train it for your needs much cheaper and it is your dog forever. Never register it as an Emoition support animal most Airlines no longer recognize them. I am sure your child has additional disabilities register it under one of their other disabilities you will have less hassle in long run. After training or during training register the dog online a free website. As a Service Dog under one of your child 's disabilities yes Emotional is there but I am telling you it will cause you problems in the long run. As far as going to school good luck if you have kids affairs or allergies you are going to have problems. If it is ti big or to this or to that you may have to get a lawyer. I have been trying for 2 years and have not gotten my daughters in yet. I even have problems with some doctors not letting us in. I would tell you where I train mine. I have but don’t want to put it on Facebook. But I have trained 6 and given 4 away to Veterans and 1 Autistic child. With help of a trainer. We didn’t pay $20,000 . They have all passed high standards required to become VA certified.

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Not many people don’t recognize Emotional or PTSD dogs and that includes the VA you have to register them as a different type Service Dog. Emotional Service Dog is a category and you can get a letter but it will not get you everything you want or need. It you have Emotional needs or PDST you have other problems look at the WHOLE list REGISTER UNDER another disability.

my 10 yo daughter has an ESA I talked to her pediatrician and she wrote a letter stating that Batman is her Emotional support animal. she can fly on an airplane with him and he is allowed at my apartments and not considered a pet. Talk to you kids doctor and they will be able to assist you with an official letter. Dont waste your money on those website online registry they are not legally binding

ESA do not have the same rights as a service animal. There is no actual national registry and according to the ADA guidelines you don’t have to register or get a letter.

In some apartments or rented homes…pets arent allowed but it can be swayed with a letter…tried to get my sons rabbit frm his dad to be a emotional support so we could have it in an apartment that did not allow pets…but the apartment…it was over 200 dollars to have ALL the proper paper work and then up to date vet papers and then still a 200 dollar ‘pet’ fee for the emotinal support animal regardless of papers…u might not ‘need’ a letter but it wouldnt hurt if it avoided issues with your living situation.

ESAs and service animals are not interchangeable terms nor do they have the same rights. An ESA is only protected for housing and airports. They aren’t allowed to go everywhere. A service dog that is trained to perform a specific task related to a disability etc. can. There is no legitimate online registry, they are all 100% scams. As far as housing goes the ADA has designated questions that can be asked for the accommodation and that would include a letter from a physician. I mention this because the person above said you don’t need one. But you actually will with most properties.

Ask ur ped or at school. My son sees a therapist/social worker through a childrens facility we have here on our city.