How to get a teenager to stop stealing?

What can you say to a teenager (15) to get them to stop stealing? My stepdaughter got caught today stealing someone’s credit card while at school. This isn’t the first time she’s stolen. I don’t know how to give advice to her mom on stopping it. Any advice is welcome, thank you!


Well first you have to get on same page as her parents if she doesn’t stop maybe let her deal with outcome whether it’s juvenile detention or whatever it may be

Call the police on her ( you can do it anonymously) she will not stop stealing until she faces the consequences

let her sit in a jail cell for the night.


So by the sounds of it she stole once. Has anyone asked her why she stole it?
Is there something going on in her life That she’s started this? Attention seeking? In trouble with peers?
If it’s not the first time talk to her parents and come up with a plan.

Let the cops take her in and let the law deal with her.

I’d take her to the police department if that hasn’t already happened. Let her get charged. This is one of those things that’ll only get worse and there’s no way you can downplay it. She wants to break a law she can suffer the consequences.

Not your business, dad’s job to discuss with her mom…

Prayers She’s now deliverd from Ancestral in Jesus mighty name Amene. Be sure to thank Jesus for her deliverance and miracle healing Amene

I would take her to the police station next time she steals something

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