How to get a toddler off the pacifier?

Has anyone had a problem with their toddlers with binkys? Mine mainly uses it when she goes to bed/nap, but I have tried everything to cutting them, having her throw them away, and just plain not giving it to her. She’ll scream bloody murder for hours if I don’t give her one when she’s going to sleep, I don’t want her teeth being damaged- but I don’t want her crying either… Her doctor doesn’t want her on them anymore at all- even though shes not even 2 yet, she will be in a few months. Her having a binky doesn’t bother me, but it bothers everyone else. Please no rude comments, i just dont know what to do.


Let her be. This is baby Xanax.


My daughter was 2 years and 5 months when we stopped giving it to her, first week was a struggle but now she is fine (is been 3 weeks)


They give them up when they are ready. How many middle schoolers walk around with binkys in their mouth? I’ve never seen one :woman_shrugging:t2: don’t stress, just do what’s best for your girl!

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Binky fairy if she understands put in bag hang it on a tree and next morning new toy

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We told our one year old nephew the dog got it.he don’t want one now cause the dog got it

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You may need to let her cry it out. I know its hard but it’s horrible for their teeth long term.


She is 2. Be the Boss.


My son will be 2 in August. He still uses a binky. His dr hasn’t said anything about it, and honestly idc if she does. I will take it away from him soon but when I feel he is ready. Everyone else’s opinion doesn’t bother me. I have to live with the screaming. My oldest had her til almost 3… she’s 11 now with perfect teeth

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I just threw my kid’s pacis away cold turkey. It’ll be rough for a few days but she’ll get over it eventually

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My daughter is 6. Still sleeps with her blanky. Dummies were hard for both mine to give up. I got my son take chuck his in the bin. Then the “dummy monster” left him a surprise on the bin lid (a toy garbage truck from memory). Santa took my daughters for “all the new babies” lol. It was hard going for a couple days with both, but just be strong!

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We went to build a bear and put her last one inside she got to kiss it make and a wish (like the hearts they put in.) We also added a heart beat so when she really needed it she could push on it and hear her bears heart beat. Made her feel like her baby needed it more than she did and she got to keep it in a way.


As long as its not in her mouth all day at night isnt going to hurt. Keep trying but I wouldn’t stress bc shes 2. Tell her big girls don’t need it, cut the tips in half. She will give it up eventually.

It’s not easy but I finally took my sons away cold turkey about a month ago. Just don’t give in! He turned 2 in March

We just took it from our daughter. She cried that night but she forgot all about it the next day. Some kids it takes longer. I’ve seen some parents do a tooth fairy kinda thing and set the bunny somewhere then the next day there’s a new little toy or something.

My youngest still has two comfort objects and she’s 9! I see no problem with your little one having one. It probably soothes her


only let her have it in bed

My daughter is 4 and she still uses pacifiers to sleep, hasn’t damaged her teeth at all


I just took my kids. It was tough for a couple days but we made it through. My daughters I took shortly after she turned 1 1/2 and her front teeth are slanted just slightly my son I took away at a year and his are perfectly straight. I’ll do the same with #3.

We went camping and our 3yr old still had one and we told her that the mother duck from the creek took it for her babies, she didn’t want it back then😁


Pardon my language but fuck everyone else ur the mom if ur fine with it shes fine…besides how would u like it if someone came and throw away a comfort item of urs??? Ur an adult u dont need comfort items rt?

Stop giving in. She’s going to cry, so get use to it. You’re the adult, so be the adult and decide, right now, that she will no longer get one.

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Wait until they are older. A teen’s tantrum will last for weeks.

My daughter is 3 1/2 and would still accept a binkie if someone offered one lol she was obsessed. I gave it to her only at night and nap until almost 2 1/2 then just went cold Turkey. My oldest I bribed lol she was 2 and I said if you give it up, you can get a toy and it worked lol shes 13 now and perfect teeth. A little longer wont kill your child but I wouldnt go past maybe two and a half.

My youngest was over 2 when we took hers away, but what worked for us was we had the babysitter throw it away in front of her and she asked for it for a few days and we would remind her remember so and so threw it away she would say oh yea then after about 3 days she was fine

My son is 4 and still has one its a work in progress .

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Get you a Farmer’s Almanac when it goes to the weaving. You wean her off just like you did a bottle but if he’ll listen to the almanac are you pretty pretty much won’t have any trouble

My son is 3, he still uses it when he goes to sleep. Doctors usually do not like it because it carries germs. But I really don’t care what people say or think. As long as my boy is happy

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Give her something else like a book in bed. That worked for my 18 month old when we cut his pacifier out.

My daughter went through this too. She only used a pacifier at bedtime but screamed bloody murder if she didn’t get it. I collected all of them, put them in a bag, and got rid of them (without her seeing). Bedtime came and she went nuts. I told her I couldn’t find them. I even had her help me look for them. She couldn’t find them. Yes, she screamed. Yes, she eventually fell asleep. And it lasted only 2 nights. Just get rid of them.

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My daughter is 2.5 and uses hers when she naps or bedtime, her dentist said she can use it until she is 3 and then we have to find a way for her to give it up. Your daughter is still young I wouldn’t worry just yet.

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Nothing let her have it

Binky Fairy… Like the tooth fairy, but takes all the binkies and leaves a gift.

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Let her have it at night she’s still a baby.

I have 4 daughters and all of them were/are addicting to their pacifiers. I forced my oldest to give her’s up at 3, my second born lost interest at 2 and threw them away herself, and I currently have a 3 year old and 1 year old with pacifiers. I’m not too concerned because they only get them at night. If you really want her to give it up then you cannot waiver. When you decide to get rid of them then get rid of them and NEVER look back or just phase them to using them less and less. Each kid is different though. Btw my oldest is 13 and in braces now but the issue she had had NOTHING to do with pacifier use at all so sometimes no matter what they end up in braces anyway.

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Replace it with a new toy or stuffed animal, I did that.

Have her throw it away.
Toss them and don’t buy anymore.

Over 50 years ago I took mine for drive in country we stopped and left our for the squirrels that were running everywhere . Only asked for a time or two we’d remind where we left it and was over it . We used it with all three children most of our nine grands and have offered solution to greats but I don’t live near them so don’t know their stories .

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My oldest daughter is 10 and she was my only child to use a binky. She used it until 18 months and her teeth are so messed up. It’s going to cost thousands for braces and every thing else.

I have 6 kids and my best experience/advice is to just get rid of all of them in the house. She will eventually stop crying and forget. It may take a few day’s but it’s better to do it sooner than later. Good luck momma :heart_eyes:

My son who is now 21 used a pacifier until he was 5!!! One day out of the blue he collected all of them from around the house and threw them away and never used them again. His teeth are beautiful and straight! My other son who didn’t use a pacifier at all needed braces!!


When I got my daughter off them, we told her the angel babies needed them more because they didn’t have mommies and daddies to comfort them. We put them all in an old empty Huggies wipes container. Then we went out back and buried them. She helped with all of it, while we talked about the babies in heaven. She never asked for one again and any time a pacifier was brought up, she said the babies in heaven had hers. Any time she cried for one, I reminded her she gave them to the angel babies and she stopped crying

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Your the mother if it doesn’t bother you then who cares what others say/think… it’s her comfort thing she will get rid of it when she is ready… My son is 3 still has his most dentists won’t be concerned until the age of 3… my son’s teeth her healthy, perfect, straight, strong no concerns nor issues… my son’s doctor has been on mine and my husband’s case since our son was 1 about getting rid of them and I told her he isn’t her child she isn’t gonna tell us how to raise him… like I said his dentist has no concerns and the dentist knows more than a doctor does about teeth

Mines 2.5 and she still has her… Tell folks to mind their biscuits… Dentists don’t like them even as an infant… pick your battles

Leave her be. I promise she will not walk down the Isle with them. My daughter had them till she was 3 and then gave them up on her own. We took her to the dentist and she left them there for the poor children.

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All kids are different and everyone has their own opinion. Do what is best for you and yours as the mom you will know when it is the best time and if they are ready. My oldest had hers till she started going to the dentist he told her it wasn’t good for her teeth and we got rid of them all. Just reminded her a few times and it was good but I think she was closer to 3.

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Get rid of it and don’t give in :slight_smile:

gave em to my kids they never liked em –

My youngest baby isn’t even 11months yet and I done stopped him from having one cause the older they get the harder it is to get them off of it

Just toss it when they ain’t looking

You do what you think is the thing to do. I know little one’s whose teeth were damaged by bottles not binkies. Talk to your Dentist.

My dentist said as long as it was gone by 4 there will be no damage to the teeth.

Following because I’m in the exact situation she only uses it at night and will be two in a few months but freaks out if i don’t give It to her my first one stopped by herself at 5 months

She will stop crying when she gets over it

Build her up to it if you really want to get rid of them.
Start talking to her now about when she turns 2 she’s going to be a big girl and doesn’t need them anymore.
Don’t just rip away her comfort without warning.
When she turns two gather them and have her take them to the hospital for the new baby’s to have.
That’s what I did with my daughter she asked for it once that night and I reminded her that she gave them to the new baby’s because she’s a big girl and doesn’t need them anymore. She never asked again. She’s 5 now.

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Throw it away while she watches. When she wants it at bedtime simply tell her no more binky. You may have a couple of sleepless nights but she will realize in a couple of nights that crying is not getting her what she wants. Do not give in! Good luck

She will get rid of it when she’s ready. It’s a security for her. We took our daughter off early and she started sucking her thumb. That is hard to break because you can’t take it away.

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Mine had theirs until they were 3/4. One actually had hers until she lost her first tooth, then we “sold it to the tooth fairy”.
It’s a comfort object, somethings kids need to soothe themselves. The world is big and scary and overwhelming for little ones. Let her have it if it makes her feel better. She will get rid of it when she’s ready.
( yes, I know they can cause orthodontic issues, my two oldest have already had braces, but most kids need them anyway).

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If your really concerned maybe make it like a big girl accomplishment thing. Let her toss them out and say that shes getting rid of them and they go bye bye cause shes a big girl now. 🤷

My son is in the same boat… it’s a comfort thing is what the peds told me cause we also have a blanket that he drags everywhere with him and he also isn’t two yet but will be in a few months. We have cut it down to him only having it ar nap time bed time and what I call crazy time… I have one that I cut the nipple part off that he holds alot but it dont go in his mouth. Also if shes chewing on it alot in the back idk if your daughter is or not but my son has molars coming in

My daughter ditched it by herself at 2 and a half. If the bottle is gone the binky isn’t long to follow.

Theres a reason why your dr strongly recommends for your baby to be off of it. Some kids have a condition called Milk Teeth, my kids didn’t do pacifires, but they liked the bottle. And just like pacifiers and bottles they can cause damage to your babies teeth. Everyones kids are different so if you got a professional suggestion ask for suggestions. If you’re not in agreement because you can’t stand your baby crying get a dentist opinion on what they suggest you do.

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If it’s just bedtime/naps then why take it away? That’s just my take on it though, my oldest had one for years but eventually just stopped wanting it, middle never wanted one at all and my third only wanted it until he was maybe 7mos? Then just didn’t take it anymore.
It’s comfort and as long as they’re not in their mouths 24/7 they wouldn’t cause any issues, at least that’s what all my kids Drs and dentists have said


Just let her have it. Everyone hates that my kids had one and would take them away whenever they saw it in their mouth.
Who cares. It’s a trivial thing. And it offers comfort.
We took my oldest away when my second born was a little over a year and since then (she is 7) she sucks her finger. So much harder to take away.
My youngest was 3 and I just got rid of them one day and while she occasionally asked, she was so much better than my oldest.
And she recently found one and showed me and I took it away and cut it and she told me she was very disappointed in me. Adorable but she still can’t have it.

Pacifiers are a taught dependence. If you had not trained her to it, you would not.have the problem now.

It’s your call and if it bothers others that’s their problem not yours. My daughter had her binky until she was over 3. I took her to build a bear and she put them in a poppy doll. The doll is so full of them you can feel them. She never had a problem after that but we talked it up to her for a few days before we went so she was ready!


Just put your foot down and deal with the screaming. It’s brutal for a few days, but she will learn. Make sure she has something else to soothe her, a blanky, sippy cup, etc. it is a hard part of parenting, but it’s necessary. Hang in there!!


I wouldn’t worry about what others say I was a child who has a binki tell I was like 3 I would throw them out window and scream and cry because it was gone :joy: finally one the guys my family worked with (pipeline so we was just a big family) dog got the blame and i never got another one but i already hates that dog for some reason :joy:

She will be fine let her have it

My oldest 2 kids were 2 and 1 when they got rid of them. We told them we were sending it to santa for kids that didnt have any and they put them in an envelope and stamped it and threw it out the door and never looked back. The first couple nights were rough. My 3rd kid will be 2 this month and she still has her for bed and nap only by next month or september we will get rid of it completely

Let her have it. Who cares what others have to say. I had 2 binky babies and 2 bottle babies. I let them have it until they didn’t want it anymore. All of their teeth were fine.

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My little brother called his a woobie. One day we had him gather all his woobies and out them in a big shipping envelope and we “sent” them to the woobie fairy and in return the woobie fairy left some nice gifts for him and that was that he thought that it was the coolest thing


lol you people saying to just throw it away… :rofl::rofl::rofl: make me laugh

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My oldest daughter has always from a very early age loved animals. She was almost 3 and had no intention of getting rid of her binky. One day I told her that a momma mouse needed it for her baby and she handed it over and never said another word about it. Might try something like that.


Don’t worry what others think. Worry about your baby being happy and sleeping peacefully and you keeping your sanity! Two of my boys used one at nap/ bed until they started preschool. Teeth were fine. Never had their pediatrician say a word about it.

People said the same to me, my daughter had hers till she was 3, her teeth are fine.

I cut my sons when my daughter was born. He was 2. He cried for 2 nights. We moved on.

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My oldest bit it in half… I said no more you broke it… Two nights she cried…but she got over it

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I think it’s fine shell get rid of it when shes ready…

If a doctor is saying it’s an issue…then listen to that doctor. Or get a second opinion. We tossed the binky, and just delt with the tantrums for a few days. They get over it. If they didn’t, there would be adults walking around with binkys lol :joy::joy: . Maybe have a blanket replacement, or a stuffie replacement. But listen to the pediatrician. First few days are ruff…but all of a sudden, it just stops. Lol. My oldest was the worse…but he was fine. It was messing up his teeth. We got the second opinion AND asked his dentist too. They all said the same thing…so bye bye binky. We tossed them all and never looked back. His teeth are amazing. I’m glad I listened.

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I need help too I’m in same situation my son who is 19 month will not let go of him he screams loud !!! He will wake up at 2am in the morning and he’s looking for for it with his eyes closed​:rofl::rofl::rofl:he crack me up but I know I need to get rid of it

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I cut my daughters and wouldn’t give her a good one, and didn’t buy new ones. I would take them, and cut them shorter every week. She lost interest in them. I did the same with my son, but he lost interest after the first cut. Don’t give in. She knows that if she cries for a bit, you’ll give her what she wants.

If she’s only using it to sleep and keeps in her bed I don’t think it’s a problem my 2year old uses it the same way he’s okay and we keep his teeth cleaned and only drink water in the evening and at night his teeth are fine I try to stick with the special passy that helps too she will give it up when she’s ready

My son had the same problem drs said he didnt want him to have it. My son finally gave it up around 3 we I just told him they didnt make them anymore and if he broke or lost that one that was it. He cried and my heart broke but we got thru it

Let her have it. One of mine had his to go to sleep till he was 4. He has beautiful teeth as an adult. She’s awfully young to be taking it away.

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Every kid is different dont stress it it’s a lot better than sucking their thumb! I know adults that still suck their thumb because once u get into a habit some cant be broken

Biologically, kids have a natural sucking inclination until age 6. If you can guide them to use only when sleeping or to self-soothe, that should be fine. Constant use will interfere with their speech. You’re doing great!

Crying doesn’t kill a child. :sweat_smile: Once she realizes you’re not giving in , then she will quit. And not look back. My doctor never told us to. He was like 2 and a couple of months when we just threw them away and he forgot all about them

What’s the problem. One of my daughters girlfriends still brought her ragged remnant of a binkie with her to a sleep over at age 16. Who is it embarrassing?! Let the kid have her satisfaction or she may also suck her thumb or eat too much comfort food and end up obese.

Treats from Dollar store surprises at the end of day when she goes without it…


Mine used it for the first 4 or 5 months. As soon as she took it out of her mouth she didnt want it.
Was helpful for me.
I found them around 11 months I tried it in her and she pulled strange with me.

It’s a try it for yourself thing.

Both my kids quit them on their own …but my daughter didnt lose her bottle til 2 and it was by her mistake lol…they do in their time…just try to help them get there sooner than later…but hey its all good lol

My daughter just turned 3 and she still has hers but only for bed/naps she keeps saying she will give it to Santa or throw it away when she goes to school (daycare) she will get rid of it when she’s ready

I had one until I was 3 or 4 and it messed up my teeth. I swore them off as Satan for my daughter because of it .
What I would do would try to slowly ease the screaming by using other things to like treats (strawberries, gold fish, cut grapes, blue berries, ect.) & Playfulness, teaching her , " baby doesn’t need this anymore , mama doesn’t need this anymore(snack) ect.
Maybe a couple times throughout the day. IDK bedtime will be so hard I think . But maybe you can sleep with your baby to help ease his/her stress.
You got this mama. Show em what you can do!

Stop liste ing to everyone else it’s your baby and she still needs it …I couldn’t cope with the little one crying all the time she will give it up one day but not yet . Too young to be hard on her .

Tie it to the fridge it’s available to her anytime she wants it but will get tired of having to stand their when she wants it and will lose interest in it. Worked for a friend of mine.

My son has sensory issues. He will be 2 next month and gets his bink for bed/naps/long car rides. I’m not taking it away yet. I know he will just switch to his thumb and honestly a bink is easier on their teeth.

“Doesnt bother me just everyone else” girl he is your kid, not theirs.

If you want to do it. Chunk all of them so you arent tempted to give in. Then try and distract her

Don’t worry about what other people say , every kid is different and if the pacifier makes your baby feel good give it to him/her , the pacifier makes them feel comfortable

I know a girl that sucked her thumb even in her teen years and had messed up teeth and a thumb with sores and peeling. I had my binkie until 3 and my teeth are fine.