How to get a toddler on a sleep schedule?

So I feel like my 2 yr olds schedule got switched the last few days/nights have been awful he refuses to nap so by 8p.m hes literally done barely awake done but then he fights until 1130ish until he passes out then by 3a.m hes up for the day running jumping playing I need help!!! How do I get him to stay asleep at least until 5am when I get up for work


Keep him awake, no nap for a day or two, if he wakes up at 3 am he will be absolutely exhausted by a normal bed time. He will be cranky as all get out but you gotta do what you gotta do.

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If he’s not napping at all like you say and only sleeping from 11:30-3am I would take him to see a doctor. 3 and a half hours of sleep a night is not enough for anyone. Let alone a 2 year old.


Start to put him down before 8 if he is refusing the nap. He is probably acting crazy because he is over tired. Yes that’s a thing. Lol


Feed him right b4 bedtime. Something heavy like oatmeal. Try to keep him up in daytime.

Try putting him to bed earlier. Maybe that way if he fights sleep, he’ll still get there sooner than 11:30! Good luck!

I’ve never tried it but several parents on this sight suggested melatonin. The suggestion cam came from their pediatrician.


Maybe its because hes throwing a tantrum and getting what he wants.

Is he in a crib? Make him cry it out. Leave the room. Leave it dark. The child will stop by the 4th or 5th night. Soon as u get the routine down.

If hes in a toddler bed. Do ur 1 book 1 song. Put them in there bed and turn off light. Sit on the ground. If they get up put then back. They will cry/throw a tantrum. But day 4 they will do it without getting up.


I don’t see how he’s sleeping from 11:30 to 3: or so and staying up all day, no nap. And fighting sleep at 8 pm. Thats a really long time for a 2 yr.old to be up. You may need to talk to his dr. about it. Thats not good for him or you. Good luck.

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Melatonin works wonders I was going threw this with my now 3 yrs old an my doctor told me to try it an it worked used it for a few weeks an haven’t had to use it again once her body got use to sleeping at 10 an up by 7

He’s way too overtired. Start trying both nap and bedtime earlier and be persistent.

Shoot idk what I would do…my 2 year old can go to bed at 7 and still sleep til 7 the next morning…sometimes even later! I now have a 4 week old too so I’m so glad shes a sleepy head like her momma!

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Try a dosage of melatonin at 8pm

Is he over tired? Or napping too much?
Because a 2 yr old should easily sleep from 8pm until 7 am or so with many one wake up but right back to sleep.
If you are still trying to give him 1-2 naps a day then that should probably change.
All my kids are usually in bed by 7:30 and sleep until 7-8 in the morning. None nap anymore tho.
Well except for my 4 month old who takes 5 min cat naps all day and night and that about all :person_facepalming:
This motherhood Thing is hard!

I got a 3 years old son since he been 2 years old he has been having trouble sleeping or staying at sleep so his doctor recommended to give him melatonin but that didn’t seem to help so now he will be going to see sleep specialist I do highly recommend for you to talk to his Dr. Every kid is different