How to get a toddler to eat?

Any tips or tricks to get a 2 year old to eat? He never will eat a full meal. He loves smoothies and would rather just have a smoothie over actual food. I offer healthy snacks throughout the day but he just picks. I’ve started Pediasure once a day but I don’t know if that’s enough on top of the little food he actually will eat. He’s not loosing weight but also not gaining, he’s been the same weight for a year. He is so energetic I just don’t understand why he hates food.


Mine has phases, sometimes its a day sometimes longer where she won’t eat any actual food. We just keep trying everyday. As long as your lo isn’t losing weight you’re probably fine. Their tastes/appetite changes so much.

He’s at that age where he’s just picky. If his doctor isn’t too concerned I wouldn’t worry about it. He’ll eat when he’s hungry. Maybe cut his food into fun shapes or something.

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Currently dealing with the same!! But he loves fruits and veggies

Have the same problem with mine. Tried everything. Her pediatrician said she was constipated which I didn’t agree with as she had a poo every day. But put her on the stool softener he suggested and it’s made a huge difference. Her appetite has gotten sooooo much better and she’s started to gain some weight. Idk if that’s the issue for your lil one, but it’s worth asking your pediatrician. Also, she loves dipping food. One I realized that, I made a lot of options that she could dip in her ranch or ketchup. Not super healthy but she’s getting food

Put some veggies and leafy greens in the smoothies! I just started doing it and some of my concoctions turn out better than others, lol. But add the new stuff in small amouts, you can always put in more. It’s definately not as scary as it sounds. Sometimes the color is kinda weird even if it tastes good, you could put it in a colored cup and straw so he can’t see the color. You could try adding things like ground flaxseed and chia seeds too. I just went to the library and checked out some smootie recipe books for inspiration. The book “The Healthy Smoothie Bible” had alot of good tips in it for getting started.

Currently dealing with the same thing. I also started my daughter on pediasure to fill the gaps.

Your not alone just keep trying

Following. Same issue I’m having with my 3 year old except he refuses anything that’s not a chicken nugget happy meal :roll_eyes: I can bake chicken nuggets at home and fries at home and he still won’t eat them

He doesn’t hate food it easy to just drink. Sound like he doesn’t take the time busy boy. At lest he isn’t fat v count your blessing

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Same thing happened when my daughter turned 2 1/2. My amazing, not-picky eater was gone. I swear the girl could survive just on milk and mini muffins. The Dr says it’s fine. She will eat when she’s hungry. It’s normal for them to just pick right now being as busy as they are. Thankfully she started taking her multivitamin again. Just offer food no matter how many times you hear “no”, and pick your battles. I know I’m happy when she eats cereal for dinner even though it’s not what was made.

I have a kid that’s a grazer. as long as it’s healthy options it’s fine.

Kylene maybe start giving baby multivitamins the gummies

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Humans are meant to be grazers. It’s actually not good for us to have large meals. Give him lots of complex carbs and high fat foods like whole milk, full fat cheese, full fat yogurt, avocados and lots of other healthy snacks.

When my daughter was 2 she was still eating baby food. She was so difficult. She is now 35 and has babies of her own. Then she would only eat chicken soup. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. She was in 2nd grade before she would buy a school lunch. Good luck but the one thing keep giving options and this too will pass.

my son was the same way and now his daughter is the same at 2 but she is healthy just not eating she has her day where she will eat all day and others where nothing so my hubby (pop pop) started making a plate for himself when he isn’t even hungry and she get up on his knee and shares it with her ans she started asking dadda to eat with her to so i think that was a big help for sure mind you they have to feed her (long story) but it works