How to get a toddler to properly brush their teeth?

I have a 2 year old and he makes it impossible to brush his teeth properly. I use a toothbrush. What do you use to brush your toddler’s teeth?

We use a toothbrush but after i brush her teeth, she can brush them herself.

Mine chews on his! It’s not perfect when I brush his teeth, but he’s getting more comfortable with it.


My son is nearly 2. I put toothpaste on his toothbrush and give it to him and let him walk away with it and do his thing. I do it a few times a day

We use a spinbrush and the apple flavored toothpaste that is safe to swallow. He used to fight me. Now he gets excited to brush his teeth.

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We use a manual toothbrush and he loves it!

Electric tooth brush… She brushes first, and then I “check” for bugs by going over them again. I tell her she will get bugs in her teeth if she doesn’t brush them well enough :grimacing:


I let him brush is teeth alone in the morning, then after bath at night all wrapped up in his towel I brush his teeth. I wrap him up tight and brush them good but I make it fun too. I play with him tell him he only brushes the ones he wants to keep and play fun songs. Then I let him take the toothbrush and finish.

I let my two year old pick out her brush so she’s excited to use it. I let her “brush” her teeth herself. Then I let her wash her hand (she loves the bubbles) while I brush her teeth while she’s distracted.

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Normal toothbrush mine is 2 i brush it first then give him it to try and brush it but im lucky he loves brushing his teeth hes finally starting to spit and try and rinse i brush mine before i brush his so he can see me do it

Baby toothpaste I let him chew the toothbrush

Some times you need someone to tackle a quick brush. If you have someone help lay your childs’ head down into your lap some times they let you brush their teeth in that position. Then let them try after.

A soft children’s tooth brush and kid safe toothpaste. Let him brush first then ‘help’ him look for spots he missed.

I always tell my daughter after she brushes mommy needs to do it now so I can make sure all the bugs are out your teeth. If not they might bite you.

I still brush my 4 year olds teeth. He doesnt get it good enough.