How to get a toddler to sleep in their own bed?

I need some help! My son who will be 2 in 9 days, absolutely refuses to sleep in his bed. Ever since he was born he has NEVER ever ever, slept with me. Around 6 months I moved him into his own room and he has been in his own room since. Well about a week ago we had a bad storm and he absolutely would not go back to bed unless he was right next to me in my bed. It’s been a week now and he will not sleep in his bed anymore! He will scream and cry as soon as I put him in there! I’m 8 months pregnant and I cannot stand sleeping next to him, he tosses and turns all night and I never get any sleep anymore. I’ve tried putting him in his bed when he’s asleep and as soon as I put him down he will scream bloody murder. I’ve tried letting him cry it out but he will just climb out of his bed and make his way into mine. I’m seriously losing my mind. I don’t know what to do. I even brought his pack n’ play into my room thinking it would help… nope he still refuses to sleep in it! Any advice?


Night light? My oldest slept with me until he was 2/3. A little different. But I bribed him to stay in his bed… That boy got a banana popcicle every morning that he woke up in his bed

following I’m having the same problem! bought brand new beds for the kids with their favorite caracter and none of them will sleep in them!

Have you tried letting him fall asleep with you then moving him to his own bed? Just a suggestion

Tell him the story of the dreamcatcher then get him one! My little boy used to do that until I told him the dreamcatcher story

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Sounds like your in the night terror stage if anything or the storm has seriously spooked him. Try a night light or if anything there is a hippo that lights the ceiling up and plays all kind of relaxing sounds at Walmart. My three year old still uses “Hippo” when he’s scared

Followwwwing! My daughter is the same way! You would think her world is ending when shes alone.

put him to bed in his bed, each time he gets up take him back… straight away… no talking, just put him back… don’t give in… sit on his bed do not lay down… then sit on a chair in the room, move it to door, then out the door then away…

if all else fails smack his ass and tell him to go to bed and stay there…

At first it seemed like it wouldn’t work, but for a little while I couldn’t breastfeed my son and of course he was heartbroken because he was used to it and he would scream and cry and thrash around. Every night I sang to him and rubbed his back (after he quit trying to knock me out flailing his arms!) and after a week of this and me telling him gently but firmly that it was sleepy time, he would go right to sleep! I had to do the same with my daughter. Now I can tell her that it’s “sleepy time” and she knows what it means and is out like a light. At first it seemed hopeless but I didn’t give up and it wasn’t hard on them like cry it out so I didn’y feel so awful about it. Good luck <3 oh yeah, just like you can associate the words “sleepy time” with going to sleep, you can do the same with a song you play. You can lay him down with a song playing and consistently put him back in bed, comforting him, and he will feel safe in about a week and start sleeping on his own usually

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Not sure what kinda bed he’s in but would he let you lay with him until he fell asleep and then you leave? Not sure if it’s an option but an idea for ya!! Good luck momma


Im going through it too… My son is almost 2.5 and refuses to sleep in his room. :\ I’m gunna see if moving his room around will help a little.

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I would try playing music and something that has really soft light like a nightlight or as mentioned above one of those stuffed animals that project stars on the ceiling. Do a night time routine and be consistent. Dont let him in your bed, at 2 he can cry for a little while and it certainly wont hurt him. It’s going to be rough but you will get through it.

I may have been a bad mom but I but my kids figured out thr baby gate and would get out their room at bedtime. I finally turned the lock around on the door and let them cry it out. It would take 30-45 mins at first but after a week or so they figured out they were ok in their bed. Sometimes they would sleep on a blanket on the floor but it was ALWAYS in their own rooms. As my children havw gotten older they respect me and my husband and know that what we say goes.


Have you tried one of those bed tents? Something scared him there. I used to make “Monster Spray” and spray it before bed. Under the bed and in the closet. I put a peppermint smell in it and told him as long as you can smell it then it’s working…


Oh just let him sleep in your bed but put a body pillow in between the two of you. My babies slept in their own beds until later as well

Bedtime is always the toughest! I could not sleep in the same bed with my boys because of their restlessness. You need your sleep in order to function and be the best mom you can be. I would try bedtime rituals (eg-bath and book before bed) and the cry it out method. It is hard to hear, and may cause a few sleepless nights, but is well worth it in the long run! It worked for both my boys, and the children I have taken care of. I know someone suggested waiting until they fall asleep, please don’t do that. They become reliant on you and will need you to be there in order to get to sleep. It just causes more issues in the long run. Children need to learn self soothing skills, and getting to sleep on their own is one of them. Also, don’t wait until they are overly tired. As it may seem like a wonderful idea, it will completely backfire and cause more of a struggle at night. Good luck to you! You’ve got this!

Have you tried sleeping in his bed with him?. Once he’s a sleep you don’t have to move him then.

Moving his room around does help. My sister refused to sleep in her room until she was 9years old. They painted her room and moved her bed and bam. Now she hates sleeping with people. ; maybe try a bed beside yours. A crib in your room pushed up to your bed

You have to be consistent. Keep putting him in his own bed. Start bed time earlier that way you have enough time to wait him out. He will cry…he will scream…he will get up about 20 times.but do not let him back in your bed no matter what. It could take hours to get him to go to sleep in his own bed but you cannot give up or let him win. If he keeps getting up you have to say “back to bed” and put him back until he stays…like I said it could take hours! Don’t give up and be patient. I would sit in the hallway and redirect them when they would get up. All four of my kids sleep alone


Just gotta keep putting him back into bed

Try converting his crib if possible or get him a toddler bed sometimes going into a “big kid bed” helps and it would be easier to lay with him if need be my son was the same way and I fear my daughter is starting this as well good luck mama!

Sounds like he’s terrified of storms… I would try showing him good things about storms and teaching him how not to be scared.

Try moving his room around. Have him involved. Ask him “where should your bed go”? Let him help rearrange the room. Also…maybe have soft music play at bedtime. Get a strong routine. Read a book in his room while he is in bed. Lay with him until he falls asleep if you have to. Buy him a body pillow that he can hold (they have child sized ones). If he gets up and comes into your room…you must walk him back to his bed. Dont talk to him. Just take him back. Does he have a night light? If not…get one of his favorite charactor. Have that on for him during the night.

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My 17 month old and I just started this transition on Sunday. Let me tell you that it was hell. Sunday it took him 3 hours of crying and screaming to finally fall asleep and it broke my heart when he would call for me and want me to hold him. But I started a routine and it’s already working. I gave him a 20 minute bath, a baba and his binky then I put him on his bed and walked out of the room. I let him cry it out for a few minutes and I would walk in to rub his face and back and I would kiss his head and told him I love him. Then I would walk right back out and would come back in every 10 minutes until he finally fell asleep 3 hours later. He got up 4 other times that same night and same thing. I would walk in. Rub his face and back. Kiss his head tell him it was night night and I love him. He fell back asleep. Last night he barely even fought it. It took me 20 minutes tops for him to fall asleep. Same thing. When he would cry I would walk in and rub his head and his back. Give him a kiss. Tell him it was night night and I love him. He slept through the night… didn’t even get up once. It broke my heart but being persistent worked. I have to admit it felt nice to finally have a good night sleep and be able to stretch out without having to worry about hurting him

Take him back to his bed every time he gets up it will be long night dont cave it took like a million tries before my son stayed in his bed.

Sounds like he has some aniexty causing panic attacks. Check with his Dr.

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I’m a granola mom we did the family bed albeit a very large bed I put his crib up next to my head. I could sleep he could wake up and feed and go back to sleep. He’s the most well-adjusted kid in the world. My husband at the time supported this. And even after the divorce he did the family bed there the only time you need to DEET worried he’s in the crib right beside me. No worries about him being rolled over onto. And mother instincts keep me from doing that

Have you looked at La Leche League

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They do eventually ogro this outgrow this

Scientifically and I’ve looked this up and taking a class. The smell of their mother they completely relate to. Cheap in the crib nearby helps

I think I should write a book. Now that my youngest is 18. I’ve had lots of experience good and bad I’ve messed up a lot but I’ve learned from it and I’ve done a lot of good

La Leche League will help