How to get a toddler to take medicine?

Tips on getting a toddler to drink medicine she spits most of it out she used to be fine with it then she went to the Er last night for a fever and now she spits it out and screams like she’s dying :frowning:


Mix it in with a little bit of juice just enough to not taste the meds.


Plug her nose when you give it to her so she has to swallow.


Put the syringe under her tounge. Works Everytime

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Mix it with a little bit of sprite my nephew is the same way that’s the only way we can get him to take his!

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We have to pretend to give it to his stuff animals so he doesn’t feel like he is the only one taking meds.

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Cut a square into the side of an empty juice box so the little one can’t see. Measure out the medicine in a cup and put the cup in the juice box and put the straw in the medicine cup. And give little one some “juice”

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We put it in her juice

I use a syringe to squirt little bits in the back of their mouth, behind the molars…put the syringe between their cheek and teeth, that way they can’t bite it. I have them laying down when I do this. They’re gonna scream, but they’ll swallow the little bits and then when it’s done, it’s done.


Good luck never found a solution

I make it a game for my 2 year old son. Then when he takes it I praise him and give him a pack of gummies. He did the same thing n it took me 2 days of making a big deal with him and he now knows when he takes it.

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Will she not take a little at a time from a medicine syringe? X

Mix it with about an oz ofwater and tell her it’s juice. Worked for my son for a bit until he caught on

We mix ours in my son’s tippy because he stopped taking his meds after they gave him a steroid :face_vomiting: just pour the meds in a bit of juice and they’ll never notice.

Blow in her face as soon as you pit the meds in my son was the worse to the point The doctor prescribed tylenol suppository. He didn’t like those at all so the doctor told us to blow in his face

My 2 year old had to take medicine orally from a syringe…the 1st couple of times were terrible…then I bribed her with M&Ms. I told her the medicine would make her boo boo better and if she was a big/good dirk she could have M&Ms afterwards…it worked and she stopped fighting to take the meds. Good luck Mama, try to find something your lil one likes or wants and see if it works.

My kids drink stuff out of their plastic blocks and plastic eggs. But they have no issue taking medicine. They play a lot of doc mcstuffins. Good luck.

I use a syringe and put it towards her cheek so she has to swallow it

Plug their nose and squirt it in their mouth and they’ll swallow it…sounds mean but works lol


If you can mix it add some juice if not get her a cup with a straw and put it in the straw… It’s the first sip she will take and get juice right after. My son does the same thing that is the only way i can get him to take meds

There’s one antibiotic that my kids can not keep in unless I mix it with juice and a pinch of sugar and squirt it past their tongue.

I don’t recommend diluting the medication with anything the point of the medicine is to take old medicine I do the suggestion with the syringe and just make them take it all

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I usually mix w drinks but be aware and just pour a little bit of juice or milk to make sure will all go down :wink:

A syringe aimed to the side by her cheek towards the back of her mouth. Have a drink ready for her to swallow it dwn when shes done

Give her a choice, down the hatch or up the butt… my son pulled that same stuff and the ER dr gave him a choice and he picked it in his own.


I swaddled the child (just like when they where tiny babies ) tickle their feet and when they would take a breath in I would quickly put the syringe in the back of their mouth. But you will have to be quick about it lol and no tears !

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I have to just hold my kid down and wrestle them like an alligator. Now that they’re 4 and almost 2.5 it’s not a fight

I put it in with small amount of juice (his doctor suggested it)


I tell mine it’s candy :woman_shrugging:

I just started sneaking it in her sippy too. She Will figure it out eventually, but it works for now lol.

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My pharmacist recommended drawing up the correct dose then filling the rest of the syringe with Gatorade or koolaid.


Use a syringe and squirt it in the side of there mouth by there cheek and back of teeth no choice but to swallow

I read online to mix with a little coffee creamer! It is so thick and strong it will kill the taste of any meds. We don’t have any problem taking them or I probably would have tried it lol

Mix some chocolate syrup with it. Pour the medicine first, then let your child see you pour only the chocolate syrup! They did this at my child’s dentist and they swear by it!

My 2yo started spitting out the liquid Tylenol… so I went on a mission and found chewable Tylenol! He knows it’s medicine, he eats it just fine ! I’d recommend chewable Tylenol! Even if her age isn’t listed, Tylenol goes by weight, consult a doctor for proper dosages


Mine was the same. Now he takes it by himself!

Try showing him YouTube video of a toddler taking the medicine by himself and cheer (a lot) for the kid all the time. Then offer yours to try to do the same.

Hope she’ll feel better soon.

A syringe and do the inside back of a cheek and have a drink ready right after


I ge the little danimals yogurt smoothies and dump out half of it put the medicine in and stick a straw in it that way they cant taste it but i found if i give the whole thing they might not finish it

You have to syringe it into the cheek. I bribe my son with candy afterward. He gets 1/3 of a Reese’s cup (I don’t want him eating two whole cups twice a day for ten days. That is too much candy).

We put it in a sippy cup with half a cup of apple juice

How old is she . me y daughter would bribe the girls. And she would give them something to drink or eat a favorite food or drink right after they would take meds

I put rose water syrup In with my baby girls iron and she takes it no fuss…its really strong flavor and sweet…most kids dont complain about it bc it’s a fun flavor and it’s fairly cheap for a really big bottle around 4 dollars …its usually put in teas and arabic sweets.

She would tell them if you want this you have to take and swollow then you can have it

Dip suckers in it! Popsicles! Mix it with a VERY little amount of juice to make sure she drinks it all. Trust me, I’ve been there. Even syringes don’t work :weary:

Mine did that last week. Turns out her mouth and throat were hurting alot because she had hand foot and mouth starting

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My pediatrician recommended syringe in the back of their cheek behind the teeth


I would squirt it in mouth and blow in face it worked amazing with my son he swallowed every time

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I agree , put it in her drink

Depending on age… this works

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I just put it in the back corner of my sons mouth and it goes down pretty much involuntarily lol

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I have put my granddaughter she 4 in cup with little bit of drink. Nurse at er gave me that tip when I had take one time when she broke out with rash. Nurse couldn’t get her take medicine.

Ask your pharmacy if they can add good flavorings to the medicine. Ours will. And just know you are not alone in this struggle!

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Get a juicebox,(keep straw) empty, cut a hole in the back then put yhe little plastic cup inside with the medicine in it and straw back throw top of box into it!


I mix some milk with my sons medicine and use a super cool straw, it’s been working for his amoxicillin so far

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My 2 year olds last round of antibiotics I had to bribe her with a Hershey Kiss after each dose.:woman_shrugging: whatever works

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I put it in with my son’s drink. He usually sucks down any drink I give him in like 2.5 seconds

Try putting it in a sippy cup! With my babies, I put it in a bottle nipple to trick them!

Mix it in a drink and only a drink of their favorite juice and don’t tell them it’s there they have no choice but to naturally swallow

Blow in their face after you put it in their mouth

I think that’s why along time ago before MTV they just gave toddlers and babies shots

For tylenol u can get suppositories at CVS

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my husband showed me a trick where if you blow in our daughters face it forces her to swallow…

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I give my kids medicine with the syringe that is provided, I’ve never had any issues.

Reeses coffee creamer

Dip the syringe in chocolate syrup

I always hear moms say add the medicine to chocolate milk. Kids have no idea and USUALLY drink it all.

Put in her mouth blow in her face

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If you have a syringe, squirt it to the back of their throat, I had to do this with my son and he would swallow it straight away

I always try a little bit in front of mine an tell her it’s yummy now she thinks it a treat every time she needs it now

I wouldn’t do the blow in the face trick, it might cause her to breathe the fluid in/ choke. Just a thought. Put it in applesauce or a drink.

I’ve tried most these suggestions and now she basically just won’t eat or drink anything and screams kicks and smacks she’s only 19 months old and she usually is such a happy baby it makes me miserable seeing her like this