How to get an 8 month old to eat?

Any tips to get my baby to eat more food like baby food n table food. She has 8 teeth and she’s 11 months.


Keep offering her things.

Show her that you eat it.
My kid always just wants to eat what I’m eating.

Give her less milk/formula. She’ll eventually get hungry and eat table food.

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Formula or Breastmilk is their main source of nutrition for the first year. She should stay on the same ounces until a year old, with that being said it take some Littles a while to get more in to food. It’s not an issue as long as she is still getting her recommended amount of Formula or BM.
The best thing you can do is continue to offer her different foods

Feed her while you eat

Offer a variety of things. Let her see you eating it. Give baby led weaning a go.

Just keep offering to her. Different and healthy things too…not junky foods.