How to get baby to nap?

Hey momma! I have a little 10 month old that has decided to ween herself off her binky and now she refuses to take one. Not that I’m upset about it or anything, (saves me from having to ween her myself when she’s older) but since she has stopped taking one, nap time has been a nightmare! I cannot get her to sleep like before. She doesn’t want me to cradle her. She doesn’t want to nurse to sleep and 9 times out of ten even if I do get her to sleep and try to put her in her crib, she wakes up. I’m a first time mom. I am at a loss. I’ve been letting her cry it out, and it works, but it’s so hard on me. I hate listening to her cry!! Does anyone have any helpful tips about nap time to make it a little bit of an easier of a task? I just don’t want her to think that I’m just leaving her alone while she is sad! Breaks my poor heart!!


My almost 9 month old has started to refuse nap time… but she also sleeps all night long. So I just let her miss nap time on the days she doesnt want to lay down and then she just goes to bed for the night a little earlier. Instead of fighting a cranky baby… an do cry it out in intervals. Do 5 min try n coddle her do 10 an try an coddle. Or just let her cry it out. Every parent is different in how they do thing.

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My son started to not want to take naps around the age and I would let him miss his nap if he didn’t want to go to sleep, and then when bed time come he would go to bed great ( sometimes he even went to bed an hour before his bedtime) I had a really hard with the cry it out methed

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Let her cry it out, if she calms down & naps after all the fussing, she will eventually not cry as much or as long & it WILL get easier. Although hearing your baby cry sucks, if she has a clean bum, is full & safe in her crib then she will be just fine mama, let her put herself to sleep! She won’t think you just left her, she’s going to know its time for a nap & when she wakes up mommy will be there! If you keep going in every 5 mins to check on her shes going to get more upset seeing you! Therefore making the time drag out longer till she falls asleep

Hope this helps! Im a momma of 5 kids, oldest is almost 12, youngest is 8 months old!

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Let her cry it out. After, a little while, she will learn that it is nap time and stop crying, and just lie down, and go to sleep. My doctor told me, that as long as, they were clean, not hungry, or sick, that they were fine crying themselves to sleep. Also, make sure there is nothing in or around the crib, that she could hurt herself on.
Remember, that this is the beginning of her learning, even at her little age, what works to get mom’s attention and her way and what doesn’t. With my first, every time he cried, I jumped, till I literally couldn’t put him down. The doctor told me one day, that the only problem was, he was spoiled, and I was going to have to make a decision…let him cry a little now, or continue on the path I was on…and have a lot of tantrums and crying as he got older, and even more problems as he got older. I didn’t do anything the first few days after I went home, I’ll admit, but hold him, and cry a lot myself, but I decided I didn’t want to be in the middle of the grocery store negotiating with my kid one day…so after that, I started letting him cry it out. Now mind you, it wasn’t all peaches and cream after that…but it got easier. I hope this helps. Prayers, blessings, and hugs sent to you momma!!:yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

I’m a first time momma also but I’ve had to practically raise my younger siblings but with my daughter i let her cry it out I’m used to all the fussing i know alot of people are against this but I put my baby to bed with a bottle and she has a favorite blanket so usually if shes got her blanket and her bottle she goes to sleep and I usually have some soft toys in her crib as well if shes fighting her sleep she plays with those toys and then she goes to sleep