How to get baby to nap?

I have an 11 month old daughter. She sleeps really good at night and is usually in bed no later than 7:30 pm. She sleeps til 5-6 am.

Her naps are a different story. She is usually taking 2 naps a day. And is ready to go down 3 hours in between. The problem is she will only sleep for maybe 45 mins… every nap she has seems so short. I wish she would sleep longer. I’ve read that babies her age are usually napping a total of 2 hours each day. If I cut it down to one nap, she’ll be hard to handle and I don’t want to keep her up if she’s legitimately super tired! Help!


My daughter hasn’t napped since 9 months old. They are all different. Just be thankful she naps at all lol.

Its ok…she seems to sleep well at night that’s awesome
2 short naps a day seems fine😊

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My daughter didn’t nap at 11 months. You might want to take a signal from your daughter. If 45 minutes is all she sleeps, that’s it!


Just keep doing what you doing each child is different

Make bedtime 8 or 9, wake an hr later in the morning and see if that changes her naptimes.

She is sleeping very well at night so may just need cat naps to make it through the day

2 45 min naps are about 2 hours it’s a good nap. Even adults aren’t supposed to nap more than 30 mins. Shes fine. And I wouldn’t force her to nap longer. Especially sleeping allnight. Count your blessings. My daughter was the same.

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If shes not grumpy during the day and since she sleeps really good at night just leave her be your lucky she is sleeping good at night

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I mean, you’re saying she sleeps very good at night at so that’s probably why she’s taking short naps. Enjoy it because my daughter took long naps and was up half the night at 11 months.