How to get baby to sleep at night?

My son isn’t sleeping well at night he wakes up every 2 hours or maybe 4 on a good night. He’s not hungry he eats tons. I’m thinking maybe he’s sleeping to much during the day??

What kind of schedule was your baby on at almost 11 months old?


My son was taking 1 nap a day and sleeping most of the night though there were periods where he seemed restless at night. I recommend not allowing him to sleep a lot during the day. A nap is fine but no more than an hr nap. Also limit what he eats and drinks before bedtime. No sugary drinks, if he needs a bedtime snack I say something small and light. My son likes to have a banana before bed and then I give him a cup of warm milk.

Since my youngest was about a year old she was only napping once…she wakes up between 7 or 8 naps between 12-1 for a couple hours and is ready for bed at 8…maybe put a sippy cup or something with water in his crib…my daughter would wake up cuz she was thirsty

Have you seen this chart. It is very helpful.

I have boys age of 4,1 n 9month.i put all of them afternoon nap at 12 midday when my 6year old daughter goes to to school then night they all go sleep at 9.30pm

My daughter 10months. Wakes up between 630-8 am then naps around 11 am…then naps again around 5…the to bed around 8 and sleeps thru the night. Luckily shes slept thru the night since she was 1 month old.

From 10 months I do 1 nap 1pm to 3pm for all kids up to age 6. But usually my 16 month I’ll gets up at 8am naps 1 to 4 pm and goes to bed at 10pm