How to get baby to sleep in her own bed?

my daughter (now 3) was like this. it does pass. I had to carry her around in a sling all the time. she didn’t sleep through the night till 18 months. very different from her older brother. every child is different!

with my daughter when she was that young we put her in a swaddle sleep sack…then once she got a little bigger we made the bed look smaller by lining the bed like it was a bassinet then moving the blanket back and back as she got use to it so she wasnt overwhelmed as much by such a large space

swaddle her, stop picking her up everytime she cries… put a dummy in first…

You will not believe this but a fan in her room

Letting her cry for a while wont hurt just give her a dummy n pat and be persistant that its sleep time, im on my own with twins so it has to be that way n they now sleep all night have from 10 weeks

I let my son cry while i showered. I showered every morning day one. He survived it. I wasnt giving up my hygiene and becoming disgusting and lazy. I still shower daily and my son is five. Let them cry. Wont hurt them