How to get baby to sleep in their own bed?

I’ll be 13 weeks tomorrow. I’ve started working on getting some things done with my 17 month old. I started her on a schedule last week. I just quit giving her a bottle at night completely. And I eventually want to break her from sleeping with me and my hubby at night before the new baby gets here. Not having a bottle doesn’t seem to bother her. She likes to fight her sleep bad and I’m having a hard time breaking her from sleeping with us. I would like to know how other mamas managed to do these. And looking for positive words of encouragement! Thanks!


Took us a few weeks but, we picked out a big girl bed, and her favorite character sheets etc. Put it across from our bed for a week. Then, introduced her own room with her toys, some pictures and her favorite characters on the walls (the peel and stick ones you can get for 1$ at the dollar tree :smiling_face:) and make it like a big deal about becoming a big girl, and a big sister. My daughter really enjoy that.

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Were currently doing this too. For the same reasons. 18 mo old… A big boy bed has helped but he’s still not broke of it completely :woman_shrugging:t2: time I guess is all I can hope for!

My son was the same way. Took some time but the main thing is be consistent, don’t bring her in just rocker her back to sleep in room, or what worked for me I would lay him down and rub his back to get him to calm down and relax. Once I did that he was back to sleep in about 5mins

I let my daughter cry it out and I would go reassure her every 5 minutes I loved her and I was still here. And I bought a baby monitor that plays music and she really loves it. My second daughter never slept in the bed with us she goes down fine as long as the music on the baby monitor plays

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Following in the same bout currently

As long as she’s fed and dry let her cry it out a little . I used to put on a movie my girls liked and let them watch it in their room until they fell asleep then they would wake up in there and they just got used to it.

Whatever you do, stay consistent with it and don’t give in even if it means you don’t get much sleep for the next few days because she will most likely cry and cry until you give in.

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My children were all 5 yrs apart so much older than yours when I had to break certain things… BUT I tried laying in their bed until they fell asleep then going to mine. Also made charts to keep track of how many nights she slept in her bed and would give her “prizes” at the end of each wk & if she made it a month got a bigger prize. Clearly when we knew she could do it the prizes ended lol it can get discouraging but whatever you try you have to be consistent.

My daughter was in the same room with us until my son was born. She got a big girl bed and let her pick the bedding for her bed and unless she is sick, she won’t sleep anywhere but that bed. That is her space and she loves it.

Ya took some years to get my kids out of bed lol

when we transitioned from sleeping with me (my husband worked nights) to the big boy bed, i didn’t take the bottle right away, after he was comfortable in there by himself we took it. he still comes in my room and my husband just moves to his room (he has a full size bed :rofl:)

It gets better I had a hard time with my 4 year old when his little brother was smaller & now his 1 year old & now we are currently going threw the same thing since I’m expecting again but like I said it gets better he doesn’t wake up like he use to. Most nights now a days he doesn’t wake up and I just have to check up on him threw out the night. But it all gets better just takes time and patients. And in my opinion having a every day routine helps. That’s what I do with my kids kept them in a routine and a schedule I also do charts and rewards chart with stickers.

So slightly different than your situation, but have an amazing stepson who I’ve been part of his life since he was one. Just but he coslept with us. When we found out he decided to redo his room, with a theme he picked and made a big deal about him becoming a big boy before baby arrived so he could help (even giving up his paci to the paci fairy) he honestly did better than we ever imagined when we did it, about a month pre baby, cause he didn’t want to wake up the baby in my belly. He slept great in his room till we moved baby to their own room at 6months! Have faith that they can do it and encourage it but be prepared for setbacks! It’s def possible!

My daughter never slept in bed with us, but when we made the transition from the rock n play to crib, I let her “cry it out” never to the point she was screaming, just a little cry and never longer than a few minutes… It took 3 nights and she was sleeping in her crib in her own room all through the night. Same with when we broke her from a bottle at night.

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Let your baby’s sleep with you as long as they want to.
When you need alone time.
Do it on your own time.
These children know nothing in this world right now except you two. Your there comfort zone.
And that will soon not be the case.
Don’t rush it, its family life.
Both my kiddos still sleep with me from time to time.
And there 14 and 10 years old. And I kept then both in my bed till they where 5 years old.
It’s a bonding experience and your baby is less likely to die of SIDS with you next to them. Also fans are amazing for drowning out noice and circulating air.

It may be a process. Try putting her bed next to yours to start so you are still right there, eventually put her in her own room but sit with her until she falls asleep, after a while try laying her down and walking out of the room. If she starts to fuss go back in, lay her down and tell her it’s time to sleep and walk back out. It’s a long process but that’s the only way I know to do it

I just have us three in bed. Easier and extra time lol