How to get baby to sleep thorugh the night?

I’m a ftm and my LO isn’t sleeping through the night yet (hes almost 11 months old) at what age did your LO start sleeping through the night…?


Mine didn’t start sleeping through the night until right around 11 months or a year.

I mine didnt sleep through the night until he was about and half and he always had to have a cup

OP additional comment: this is my son.

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My twins just started sleeping threw the night and they are almost 3

I have 3 and none of them starting sleeping through the night until after age 1. My youngest is almost 2 and still wakes up occasionally. Hang in there!!

My daughter is 2 and still doesn’t most of the time just wakes up for a drink and then goes back to bed

One at 2 months the other still doesn’t she’s 10 years old :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:

My first slept all night from 4 months on. I had to wake him to feed and do diaper changes! Now on baby #2 and dont think ima be as lucky lol

Each LO is different and will sleep through when ready

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My son started sleeping through the night consistently after he turned 1. We set an early bed time, kept our routine consistent and he did great. He’s 2 now and still sleeps really good we got lucky.

Just recently. 16-17 months.

2 years and still wakes up…

I have 9, 7, 2 and 5months…
Only my 7 yo sleeps through the night

I got very very lucky and all mine starting sleeping from 9pm/6am at 2 weeks old and on

My son is gonna be two on Monday and still wakes up at least twice a night.

My son is 2 and still wakes up

My oldest 12 months middle 11 months and get this my youngest didn’t until 25 months he just started sleeping throu the night lol

I’m 28 and don’t sleep through the night.

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My daughter started sleeping through the night around 1.5yo…maybe 2yo. Don’t recall exactly but it took some time. Though I was very happy when she started sleeping between 4-6 hours at a time. At least I got 4 hours of sleep.

My twins are 5 and they still wake up in the middle of the night… Haven’t really gotten a full night sleep since October 2013… Motherhood at it’s best​:grin::dizzy_face:

I got extremely lucky. My son was sleeping all night long from about 6 weeks old. My daughter started sleeping through the night when she was about 9 weeks old.

Oldest started around like 4-5yrs (constant full night’s sleep)
Middle still isn’t constant w full night at 12yrs
Baby sleeps for roughly 11hrs at 22mos

My youngest is 2 and still doesnt always sleep through the night

Mine still don’t :sob::sob: my 3 year old does only if he’s in bed with me but my 2 year old is pretty much always awake

Mine is 3 and still wakes up several times. To pee, she wants a drink, and every single night she comes and gets into bed with me and always tries to play. Always takes a while to get her back to sleep. And she hasn’t napped since before she turned 1.

My oldest woke up every 2-3 hours until she was almost 3

Sleeping through the night in baby/young child terms is at least 4-6 hours of uninterrupted straight sleep. My son started sleeping longer stretches like that since 3 months

My son cried the whole first year of his life. If all his needs were met and nothing was wrong then he would just have to cry himself to sleep. I never did the sleeping in the bed with me though

My 2 yr old doesn’t sleep through the night :joy:

My 5, 2 and 3 week old all sleep through the night.

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My girls were all sleeping thru the night by 2 months.

My little one is 3ahe atill dosent sleep throught the night good luck hun

A month. He would have from day one but I woke him up to eat.

My youngest was 5 before he slept through the night…

Try sound machine or fan.

Mine started around 4 months I believe

My daughter is 5, still wakes up once a night most nights…not all but most

Newborns :heart_eyes: God blessed me. (He knows I NEED sleep​:joy:)

My oldest was almost 4. Toddler is 2 and is just starting to recently, my twins are a week and they sleep through the night, and get woken up for feeds and diapers. There’s no set time frame.

Baby is 14 months and still doesn’t sleep through the night

My 4th baby is 18 months and still isnt. All my kids was 3ish :confused: i never got a good sleeper!

My LO is 14 months and has slept through the night fully this last week.

Since for infants “sleeping through the night” means 5+ hours mine started consistently sleeping through the night at 6ish months.

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My first was easy slept 8 hours a night right off the bat. The rest took almost a year to get on schedules.

At 2 weeks she started but when teething began she’d wake up every now and then and once she turned a year old she began having night terrors. She is 3 now and as long as she is well and doesn’t have a night terror she sleeps about 12 hours each night.

Both my boys were around 8 months old when they started sleeping through the night but as for my daughter… She’ll be 8 months old in the 20th and still doesn’t sleep through the night

My first 2 were sleeping through the night (10 hours) by 3 months. They were formula fed and we “sleep trained”. Baby #3 came 14 years later. She’s 16 months, we’re cosleeeping and extended breastfeeding and she rarely sleeps straight through. According to a lactation consultant I follow here on Facebook (and the comments from other Moms on her posts), most babies and a lot of toddlers won’t sleep all night naturally. It’s not how they’re wired.

My kiddo is 14 months and still doesnt…

My daughter is 3 1/2 & 9 out of 10 nights doesn’t sleep thru the night

Had all my kids sleeping all night before their 1st birthday

My daughter was sleeping through the night at 6 weeks. My niece just started sleeping through the night about a week ago. She’s 8 months.