How to get baby to sleep through the night?

Hello! I’m looking for some tips and tricks. My 4 month old son has completely gone backwards with his sleep habits. He was doing great, sleeping most of the night only waking once or twice at most. About 3 weeks ago he has started waking every hour at night. He has now gotten to the point where he wont sleep unless being held. As soon as I lay him down, hes back away in minutes. As soon as I pick him back up he’s back to sleep in minutes but the process starts all over again when I lay him back down. I’ve talked to his pediatrician and she says it’s just his personality and I may have spoiled him too much. I’ve tried noise machines, tv sounds, silent, darkness, and just some light in the room. I swaddle him at night with one arm out and I’ve tried both arms out as well and that made things even worse. His naps during the day arent very long either. He will sleep for about 30 minutes 2 or 3 times during the day if I’m lucky. That’s the most I can get him to nap. I’ve read about the 4 month sleep regression. Have any other mamas dealt with this? Has anything worked to help this? I’m a first time mom so this is all very new to me. My husband works 3rd shift so it’s just baby and I at night and this mama feel like a failure with this and is very exhausted. Any tips or advice would be great! Thank you in advance!!!


4month Sleep regression?

He is growing and sometimes its uncomfortable.

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My oldest did that too. I had to sleep with him on my chest and he slept the whole night, but it got uncomfortable for me.

My kiddo did it. It passed. But we also implemented the cry it out method on occasion.

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4 month sleep regression is what it sounds like. Keep to your routine and know that it will pass

Welcome to the 4 month sleep regression

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Have you started putting him on solids? Chances are he is hungry. This happened to me. My son slept through the night until 8weeks old, even from the first night home from hospital. Then he kept waking up. He was a big baby. My nan sat me down and said he needed solids. I said of course he was too young for that and everyone says he was too young. Ah no introduced apples and custard and weetbix and lol no probs. Health nurse wasnt happy but that boy is now 23, 6ft 7 and size 19 feet.


Was he ill, or vaccinated recently? This happened with my son as an infant…

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4 month sleep regression hit us hard too. We had to start cosleeping just so we wouldn’t have to get up every hour. We bought a Dockatot and he sleeps in between us in the bed.

Could also be colic…

i slept with my son from newborn age and still do, i plan on cosleeping with baby #2 as well. cosleep


It’s a sleep regression. Totally normal and you’re not failing at all. There’s a growth spurt, a change in sleeping patterns and a mental leap all around 4 months and life is rough for them. Stick to your routine, hold up as best as you can, enlist some help if there’s any way possible you can, and give extra snuggles and hold him while he sleeps if you have too. It is miserable for a bit, but it’s that way for him too, and it will pass.

Get a glove and weight it with rice and try laying it on his back when you lay him down it feels like it’s your hand on him. Maybe that will help

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girl put a couple table spoons of cereal in his bottle, dont forget to open up the nipple of the bottle, an inkpen through the hole helps


My son went through this, I asked the doctor and they said that at that age is when they start sleeping like us (REM sleep) instead of sleeping like a newborn. So they have to learn to adjust to it and to put themselves back to sleep. Keep at a schedule, my doc advised me to try and let him self soothe but I still picked him up and rocked him every time. Whatever works for you but it does take time for them to adjust.

Growing ,teething process starts and dream visions I went threw it with my little my 2end child now 17 months my 1st didn’t do it. I had to ask pediatrician and she was exactly right about everything also make sure they have a very full belly at bedtime keep consist with babies schedule/ routine it helps. I still go threw Minor set backs with him it seems every few weeks I get him back into his routine and he wants to do something different. Some kids are easy/ or more difficult than others but its normal even tho exhausting hang in there u got this

The baby just wants to feel u body.

Sleep regression. The 4 month regression was the hardest for us, I just went back to work 3 weeks before that & then boom! Baby didn’t sleep for 2 months!

My son changed sleep pattern from 4 months until he hit 6 months, I haven’t done anything different except start him on baby food and now he’s back to sleeping basically all night. He will startle himself awake once in awhile, about once a week. Mamas finally glad to get some sleep again lol

I agree w others. Definitely 4 mth regression. Just stay consistent w the routine. I use a red light bulb in a small lamp (been doing that since he was about 2 or 3 mths…red lighting along w a couple other colors are soothing n will relax baby…white, blue, bright lights will stimulate the LO) so when my 6mth old sees it on when I bring him to the bedroom, he knows its bedtime. The regression does pass…it took him a little bit n wasnt too bad of a regression luckily…but I just stuck w routine and all fell back into place

You cannot spoil a baby.

It’s a sleep regression not his personality

Yeah my son did that to around the 3-4mth mark. He will be 5mths in 2 weeks. His naps stink. Same around 30-40min. Once in a blue moon if im laying down with him i can get 1hr 30min but its very rare. Hoping this improves. He does sleep well most nights from 730-6 then i have to give him a binky and he goes back to sleep for 45min-60. But everyday can be different. Def think its part of the 4mth regression

Try flannel sheets and fill a glove with raw rice and lay it on his back. I also used to leave a heart beat machine on.

He’s hasn’t gone backwards…he’s 4 months old…

My son was hungry… formula wasn’t enough…I fed him a very watery rice pablum he slept 6 hours…

Oh and only a tbsp not a bowl…lol.forgot to say that

Have you tried just :sleeping:sleeping when baby does. He will hear your heart :heart:,something he knows! Cuddle and Swaddle your baby as much as you can. He will grow up secure . You can have the much needed break.:cupid: you can do it “mommy” :cupid:

My baby went through this at 4 months. It will get better! Just keep being consistent with baby and he’ll get better.